Mini-Unit 02: Human Genetics

September 20, 2011


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Mini-Unit:  Human Genetics

Purpose/General Directions

  • Mini-units are designed to give you the opportunity to choose specific topics to study.  Each topic is related to human anatomy and physiology, but is not covered in depth during our normal coursework.
  • Each mini-unit is divided into three parts:  information, enrichment, and exploration/application.
  • The mini-units are scheduled for 6 class periods.  In general, you should budget 2 class periods for the "information" part, 1 class period for the "enrichment" part, and 2 class periods for the "exploration/application" part.  This leaves you with one extra "flexible" class period to be used wrapping up the mini-unit.
  • The three parts of the mini-unit will each have a graded activity.  One will count as "daily" points, one as an "assignment" and one as a "lab".
  • Mini-unit activities will have grades that are weighted at 50%, meaning they will only count towards your class grade 1/2 as much as your regular work.  Therefor, they should only be attempted when all other coursework is complete.

Part 1:  Information

Complete the following:

1.  Read chapter 24 in your textbook over human genetics.  As you read, complete ONE of the following:

a.  Chapter 24 "Review Exercise" questions #1-19.


b.   Complete the multiple choice quiz on the textbook website (click here).  When you're finished, click the "submit" button and print the results screen.  For full credit, you'll need to write corrections.  Please include, along with your corrections, the PAGE NUMBER of the textbook where the correct answer is found.

This is the assignment portion of this mini-unit.

Part 2:  Enrichment
Complete EITHER #1 OR #2:

1.  Read the Newsweek article, "Brave New Babies" (available here or embedded below).  Complete ONE of the following:

a.  Write a short summary of at least five (5) things from the article that stood out to you. 


b.  Complete a "Say Something" worksheet over at least five (5) statements from the article.  Worksheets are available in the classroom, or you can click here to download a copy.


2.  Watch each of the following videos short videos, and then complete either "a" or "b":

a.  Write a short summary of at least two (2) key points from each video that relate to your study of human genetics, inheritance, and expression of traits.


b.  Create a short PowerPoint presentation covering the key points of each video.  Your presentation should be at least six (6) slides long with each slide summarizing one (1) key point from a video.

This is the daily points portion of this mini-unit.  

Part 3:  Exploration/Application
Complete ONE of the following:

1.  Laboratory Exercise 61:  Genetics


2.  Both of:

    a.  Lab Investigation 13-1:  "The Case of the Long Lost Son"


    b.  Lab Investigation 13-2:  "A Human Pedigree"


3.  Lab Investigation 11-2:  "Investigating Human Chromosomes"

This is the lab portion of this mini-unit.

Part 4:  Evaluation

Once you have finished this mini-unit, please take a moment to provide some feedback to your teacher by completing the online evaluation from (Click Here).  Your responses will be used to make these mini-units a better experience for future students. 

Additional Resources:

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