• Our students, our schools, our community

    The growth and success of Eudora Schools depends on our community of learning, from teachers and staff, to students and their families. Purposeful systems must be in place to hire – and retain – the employees who exemplify our values and mission. Curriculum and technology tools must create meaningful learning for students of all ages, preparing them for college, career and personal fulfillment after high school. Counseling programs must provide the support and skills necessary for students to thrive in learning and in life. And parents must be empowered as partners in their child’s learning and growth.

    Our district is incredibly fortunate to have the loyal support of a community invested in its students’ needs; likewise, much of our community’s strength can be attributed to the quality of our school system. Collaborative relationships across the community must focus on shared resources and coordinated planning to ensure the highest return on investment to taxpayers and provide the greatest contribution to our families’ quality of life.

    Whether in or out of the classroom, a student’s potential for success is at its greatest when people work together to support, encourage and share resources. Eudora Schools is poised to build upon this potential that affords each and every student the greatest opportunity to learn and grow as an individual – academically, socially and emotionally.


    Target Areas of work

    There are five Target Areas of the plan, adopted by the Eudora Board of Education in March 2019. To read more click here to download a copy of the complete plan.


    Looking into the future

    The success to date in Eudora Schools is worthy of recognition, but no school system thrives in a static environment. Always-evolving resources – technology, curriculum, methods, facilities – can only be leveraged if practiced in the context of ever-changing demands. The district must continue to adapt and plan for these challenges, including dangerously low state funding and increasing regulations.

    This plan is designed to build on and enhance success across the district, in spite of these continued challenges. However, the Kansas Legislature’s withering support for public schools will play a significant role in how this plan’s goals are approached, and the extent to which they can be completed. In light of a student body that is constantly growing and changing, a shrinking budget poses unprecedented challenges in our district’s pursuit of excellence. But regardless of these difficulties, the goals and priorities in this plan outline our work to provide a rich environment for student-centered learning that delivers the lasting reward to the students, employees, and taxpayers of Eudora Schools.


    The voices represented

    The 2019-2022 strategic plan represents input from patrons, parents, employees, and members of the Eudora Board of Education. A debt of gratitude is particularly owed to the volunteers and staff members who provided invaluable input and participation during the strategic planning process. Here are the participants and their role or job title at the time the plan was adopted:

    Ron Abel, Principal

    Susie Brown, Parent

    Tim Bruce, Eudora Chamber of Commerce

    Sandy Campbell, Teacher

    Mark Chrislip, Eudora Board of Education

    Peggy Claggett, Patron

    Mark Clobes, Parent

    Sara Cross, Teacher

    Amy DeLaRosa, Principal

    Mark Dodge, Parent

    Bill Edwards, Eudora Police Department

    John Farrell, Migrant program director

    Sean Franklin, Parent

    Lori Fritzel, Secretary

    John Garcia, Parent

    Mona Gerstmann, Parent

    Robby Giffin, Parent

    Stephanie Hazeldine, Parent

    Seth Heide, Assistant principal

    Nick Hofmeier, Teacher

    Jeremiah Holcomb, Parent

    Jason Hoover, Parent

    Ruth Hughs, City of Eudora

    Joe Hurla, Eudora Board of Education

    Shanda Hurla, Eudora Schools Foundation

    Carrie Jackson, Teacher

    Corrie Jackson, Teacher

    Marla Johnson, Curriculum director

    Vicki Johnson, Secretary

    Ken Keiter, Eudora Fire Department

    Mike Kelso, Eudora Board of Education

    Robyn Kelso, Teacher

    Scott Keltner, Teacher

    Cara Kimberlin, Activity director

    Sara Lindsay, Teacher

    Ron Long, Technology director

    Eric Magette, Teacher

    Kristin Magette, Communications director

    Bryan Maring, Eudora Board of Education

    Jamie Mason, Teacher

    Barack Matite, City of Eudora

    Angie Miller, Parent

    Lisa Moffitt, Parent

    Maria Nelson, City of Eudora

    Keith Nowland, Eudora CVB

    Gary Ortiz, City of Eudora

    Ty Pattison, Principal

    Becky Plate, Parent

    Andrea Pyle, Teacher

    Joe Pyle, Eudora Board of Education

    Michael Rader, Parent

    Lynn Reazin, Eudora Board of Education

    Ethan Rodehorst, Teacher

    Randy Schmidt, Patron

    Gretchen Schreiner, Librarian

    Gary Scott, Eudora Parks and Recreation

    Lyle Seger, Eudora United Methodist Church

    Amy Shanks, Administrative services director

    Marj Spence, Finance clerk

    Troy Squire, Parent

    Meghan Summers, Teacher

    Stephanie Thorne, Parent

    Becky Topil, Teacher

    Jacque Underwood, Parent

    Eric Votaw, Eudora Board of Education

    Jeremy Warren, Parent

    Becky White, Data analyst

    Carol Wohlford, Eudora Public Library

    Joe Zlatnik, Principal