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  • Nurturing happy and successful kids at every stage of learning is important in academics — and so much more. But it can be challenging as a parent to know where to turn when you have questions or concerns about your child's academic success and development. 


    That's where Parent Empower comes in as a bank of information and resources for parents and families. This is a place where we can work together to support your child's unique strengths and challenges.


    Meeting individual student needs

    Every student has both strengths and challenges when it comes to learning and development. Whether academic, behavioral or social-emotional, most kids will need some extra support now and then — whether for a few days, for a few weeks, or longer.


    At Eudora Schools, we have a system in place to help deliver the academic and behavioral support that students need to be successful, where and when they need it. It's called MTSS — click here to learn what makes it really important for your child.


    Help! I'd like information to help me support my child in...

    • Academics. Read how we approach curriculum, instruction and assessment, and access helpful tools for understanding report cards and making the most of parent-teacher conferences.
    • Behavior. Learn about our Positive Behavior Supports program, and ways you can use it at home to help your child behavioral skills that are critical for success in life.
    • Social-emotional development. Conflict resolution, respectful communication, impulse control, positive choices — these are just some of the things that make up social and emotional development, and that play a huge role in a student's academic success.
    • Safe and healthy choices. As a parent, YOU have the biggest influence on your child's decisions about alcohol, tobacco and other drugs. No matter how old or young your child is, NOW is the time to start talking about your family's expectations and consequences. We have collected age-appropriate tips and advice to help you support children of all ages.
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