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  • The Cardinal Compass is an interactive hub designed to bring our team together to focus on intentional practices in which growth and impact intersect for visible learning.


Curriculum & Instruction

  • The Eudora School District is committed to providing students with quality instruction and learning experiences. Every student has a unique set of strengths and challenges, and our educators are committed to providing a challenging and supportive academic environment to meet each student’s needs. Through a continuous improvement model, the curriculum is regularly reviewed and updated. 


    Curriculum refers to what is taught to students in each subject area, every year a student is in school. Curriculum involves the proper pacing and arrangement of learning objectives, ensure there is an effective and cohesive progression of student learning occurs.


    As noted above, instruction is how we teach. Teachers use evidence-based strategies to teach and reinforce each student's positive behavior, growth, and development, as a part of their academic instruction.


    Assessments are used to determine what students know and are able to do. Through the use of assessments, data is analyzed to reflect upon our curriculum and instruction to determine which concepts need more time, or which students might benefit from some extra help.


    How It All Comes Together

    Through the Curriculum Leadership Institute's continuous improvement process, the Eudora School District's curriculum is developed through collaboration among teachers across grade levels. Throughout the curriculum writing process, work is done to be sure that our local curriculum supports the Kansas State Standards for all subject areas. Teachers meet in subject area committees, or SACs, to determine what knowledge and skills students need, and in what grade, to meet the state standards.