Behavioral Supports at Eudora Schools

  • Behavior is how we express learning, habits and emotions. It's affected by the environment we're in and reflects how we're wired as individuals. Behavior can lead us to happiness and success, or it can set you up for pitfalls and struggles. 


    Understanding and regulating our behavior is such an important skill, at every stage of life. In Eudora, our mission is to educate the whole child, and that includes social-emotional learning, as well as teaching and promoting good behavioral health.


    A safe and positive school climate for all students includes a sense of belonging, clearly taught expectations, and a focus on positively reinforcing appropriate school behavior. As Cardinals, these values make up S.O.A.R. ... Safe, Outstanding, Accountable and Respectful. Students at every grade level are taught how to "SOAR" at school and are rewarded with positive reinforcement from adults and peers when those expectations are met.


    Positive Behavior Supports (PBS)
    Our school system uses the Positive Behavior Supports model to teach and reward positive behavior with students of all ages. PBS goes hand-in-hand with academics and social-emotional learning in a state-wide system called MTSS. By using PBS in our schools, we...


    • Clearly and positively state behavior expectations in each area of the school. These expectations are recorded in a matrix for each school. Click to download the EES, EMS or EHS matrix to better understand the behavioral expectations in your child's school.
    • Explicitly teach students how to meet the expectations, rather than assuming that all students just somehow "know" how to act.
    • Positively recognize students when they are meeting the expectations and modeling the shared values of the school community.


  • parents

    Here are useful tips and tools that can help you better understand your student's behavioral health experience at school.


    SOAR cards are part of promoting positive behavior at each of our schools. Students who are meeting or exceeding expectations may receive a SOAR card, which entitles them to a special reward or privilege.


    Social-emotional learning plays a huge role in a student's behavior, as appropriate behavior requires students to have a range of social and emotional skills. Click here to read about social-emotional learning in our schools and what you can do to teach these skills at home.


    Parent-teacher conferences can be very useful when you have a question or concern about your child's behavioral success at school. Click here to learn more about parent-teacher conferences.