Legislative Advocacy

  • "The legislature shall provide for intellectual, educational, vocational and scientific improvement by establishing and maintaining public schools, educational institutions and related activities which may be organized and changed in such a manner as may be provided by law."

    -Kansas Constitution, Article 6


    Eudora Schools is proud to be a part of the Kansas public education system, respected as one of the strongest state education systems in the nation. Funding from the state is critical to the work that is done to give all students in Eudora access to a free, appropriate education, as guaranteed by the state constitution. 


    The following are updates and resources intended to inform patrons about issues the district faces in its efforts to secure adequate funding and provide equity for all students, regardless of income.  


    2018 legislative priorities

    In January 2018, the Eudora Board of Education adopted their priorities for the session of the Kansas Legislature. These priorities are shared shares these priorities with the legislators representing the district. In 2018, this is Sen. Tom Holland, Rep. Kim Karleskint and Rep. Eileen Horn.

    Superintendent of Schools Steve Splichal outlined these three top priorities for the district in letters to Eudora's elected officials:

    • A wholly adequate, equitable and sustainable school finance formula that fulfills the state's Constitutional duty to fund Kansas public schools. Full funding of special education, career and technical education and early childhood programs, should be addressed in the funding formula.
    • Renewed dedication to mental health systems in schools and communities. Learning and growth among students is at its best when students and families receive mental health supports. Eudora Schools seeks to restore school-based licensed mental health services that were eliminated after funding cuts to both schools and community mental health centers.
    • Preservation of true local control in school districts and communities. Kansas schools and communities have been made strong through generations of state support, coupled with local control. The Kansas Legislature is urged to return to this balance, rejecting proposals that diminish Kansans' ability to evaluate the best solutions for their own communities' well being. Also a priority is restoring local communities' rights to hold school district and municipal elections on dates not associated with the November general election.

    Further requesting assurance that those representing Eudora Schools will provide leadership to ensure that any legislation affecting teachers and schools is thoroughly debated and held to the standards of both transparency and democracy.


    Please contact your elected officials 


    You are invited to share your views with those elected to represent Eudora Schools in Topeka. Not sure who represents you? Need contact information? No problem! Go to www.openstates.org to type in your home address and get everything you need! 


    And when you take a minute or two to call, e-mail or write a letter, be sure to say why Eudora Schools are important to you and your family!