Fall 2022 Snack Schedule

  • 2022/2023 classroom snack schedule coming soon!

    A Snack will be provided on a rotating schedule by the families in your child’s classroom. When it is your child’s turn to provide snack and juice and paper cups, please provide enough snack for 13 students for an entire week (five days) and send it in with your child on Monday or daily in their backpacks or in a separate bag.  Please make sure if you are bringing snack for the week, that you notify the classroom para and or teacher that you have them and have dropped them off. This way they get to the right classroom and will eliminate any confusion about snack mix ups. We check backpacks immediately when they arrive so if items need to be refrigerated, we will make sure they are.  Some ideas for snack are: grapes, bananas, cuties, popcorn, fruit snacks, string cheese, cut veggies and dip, pudding, crackers, cupcakes, animal crackers, cereal, raisins, any snacks related to the weekly theme. The kids love juice boxes, small water bottles, milk, and gatorade to drink.
    PLEASE do NOT send items with peanuts or peanut butter in them! If your child is on a specific diet, please plan on sending their own snack daily and let me know so that we can make arrangements accordingly with the snack schedule.  Thank you!