Personal Education Philosophy

  •      I believe the purpose of Early Childhood Education is to encourage a love for learning and school in the early years.  It provides children the opportunity to be successful on many levels.  It is a great basis for beginning a great education and helps the children learn the basic skills needed for upcoming grades.

         I believe that children learn best when taught under certain conditions and in certain ways.  I believe that children should be taught through first hand experience using a hands on curriculum.  In the early childhood environment, play is a big part of the learning process.  Through play the children are learning how to follow directions, take turns, socialize, use manners, stay in a designated area, use their imagination, learn new academic skills, raise their hands, ask questions, and answer questions.  It is important that all developmental aspects are included in the classroom environment.  These aspects include but are not limited to social, emotional, intellectual, and physical development. 

         I believe that all children have certain needs that must be met to grow and learn at their best.  We must teach in accordance to each individual students learning style.  This will ensure that each student is receiving the best education possible and one that will always be developmentally appropriate.  It is important that each individual student drives my teacher instruction to help make the best possible learning experience for each child.  Learning should be fun and engaging so that each child's intrinsic motivation to learn is triggered.

         Teachers play a major role in the lives of their students.  It is important for the teacher to be patient, kind and understanding.  The classroom should be warm and inviting while promoting the children's ownership of their classroom and encouragement for students to be able to reach their full potential.

         I also believe that parents play a large role in the child's life.  Teachers and parents should work together to provide the best possible situation and education for each individual child.  Working together as a team creates the ultimate learning experience for the child.

    Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire.

    -William Butler Yeats