• Welcome to sixth grade math!

    Sixth grade math students focus on five critical areas in mathematics:

    1. solving a wide variety of problems involving ratios and rates;
    2. dividing fractions and using integers;
    3. writing, interpreting, and using expressions and equations;
    4. finding the volume and surface area of prisms; and
    5. finding and interpreting statistical measures of center and variability.

    Students have the following responsibilities:

    • Come to class prepared,
    • Participate in class discussions and activities,
    • Follow directions carefully,
    • Be considerate of other people in the room,
    • Turn in quality assignments and tests, and
    • Give their best effort every day.


    We will be using a new resource, enVision Math, as a basis for our math study this year. 

    Homework and Classwork

    The lessons in the text were designed to take two days to complete. We will spend time learning the best way to present the material this year. We will also address gaps for students that may have developed because of the learning disruption from the past two years. 


    Homework assignments will be graded on a five-point rubric.

    Test and quiz grades will be based on the total number of points possible on each.


    I am looking forward to working with you this year!