Possible responses to a crisis situation at Eudora Schools

  • Response plans are one important tool that we use at Eudora Schools to protect the safety and security of our students and employees during an emergency. Depending on the emergency, there are two types of lockdowns that we use at Eudora Schools, as well as a procedure known as Run-Hide-Fight:

    • Low-level lockdowns are when all exterior doors are locked and outdoor activities are avoided as much as possible. Efforts are made to maintain a regular schedule and routine for students during a low-level lockdown. This may be used in a wide variety of circumstances, including a medical emergency with a student or employee.
    • High-level lockdowns require all doors inside and outside the building to be locked and for students and staff to remain in their classrooms and offices. There is no movement in the halls or between rooms during a high-level lockdown. This is used if there is a serious threat near the school, but not directly on school grounds.
    • Run-Hide-Fight is a national active-shooter response protocol designed to minimize the number of victims when someone is shooting a gun in a district school or office building. If Run-Hide-Fight is used, students and employees will run away from the threat, if it is safe, or hide from the threat if it is not safe to run. Students practice both of these in crisis drills. Fight, which is the third option -- and last resort -- is practiced by employees and occasionally discussed with students.

    If you have questions about your child's involvement in crisis drills and practice, please contact the teacher or principal at school.