Lockdown: What YOU can do

  • Parents are important partners in our efforts to keep students safe during and after a lockdown. Getting the news that your child’s school has gone into lockdown can be a scary or stressful experience for any parent. Here are things that you can do to help keep your student safe during a lockdown:

    • Stay away from the school or emergency site. Emergency responders and school district employees will need to focus on the needs of students and staff. Phone calls and office arrivals can make this very difficult.
    • Remain calm and wait for information from the school or district. We will text, e-mail, and/or call you as soon and often as we have information to share.
    • Avoid calling the school or district office for more information. We will share information and updates with parents as quickly as we are able. Calling us with questions can often make this take longer.
    • Trust us to keep your child safe, just like you do on a regular day. This can be really hard if you are emotional or feeling a sense of panic. But picking up your child during a crisis can send a message to children that school is not a safe place, which interferes with learning on other, regular days. It is especially important to keep yourself safe by staying away from the emergency scene.
    • Remember that our teachers and staff members are trained to respond to emergencies in a way that protects the well being of every student in their care. Our most important goal, every day, is to keep your student safe. This is especially true during an emergency.