Frequently asked questions

  • What does the Eudora VLC provide to students?

    • All coursework at NO COST! (High school students enrolling after the annual September 15 deadline will be charged a $350 program fee.)
    • Use of a laptop computer while enrolled, for a small technology support fee
    • Full coursework credit toward your high school diploma
    • Onsite instructional supports from the Eudora Community Learning Center
    • Opportunities for continued activity involvement as authorized by your local district


    How is the Eudora VLC different from other virtual schools?

    Choice! Students can choose to take classes online, in person, or whatever combination works best. We have a classroom in Eudora where EVLC students can take classes, with personal support from licensed teachers. Students in our program can customize their learning experience to be all online, all in-person, or a combination of both. You choose, and we’ll help you succeed!


    Who can enroll at the Eudora Virtual Learning Center?

    The Eudora VLC is available for high school students under age 19 who live within the school district boundaries of Eudora, Baldwin or the Wellsville school districts. Sorry, we are unable to accept high school students under age 19 who live outside of these boundaries. Learners who are 19 years and older can live anywhere and attend the EVLC!


    How much does this cost?

    Because we are affiliated with public school districts, there is no tuition. All you pay is a $15 technology fee each semester, and all your coursework and instructional support are provided at no cost to you. High school students enrolling after the annual September 15 deadline will be charged a program fee of $350 for the year.


    When can I enroll at the Eudora Virtual Learning Center?

    Enrollment is available year-round for adult learners. For the best learning experience, students under age 19 should enroll for the school year no later than Sept. 15.


    How do I enroll at the Eudora Virtual Learning Center?

    High school and adult learners should contact Leonard Scotto or Don Grosdidier to begin the enrollment process in the Eudora VLC:

    Leonard Scotto -- 620-238-4803 /

    Don Grosdider -- 785-979-1495 /

    After contacting the Eudora VLC, high school students under age 19 will then work with their high school guidance counselor to complete the enrollment process.


    How is the Eudora VLC different from traditional home schooling?

    The Eudora VLC is a partner to the Eudora, De Soto and Wellsville public school districts. EVLC students participate in a structured online curriculum, delivered through Edgenuity, which meets or exceeds Kansas state standards. EVLC students in the 11th grade also participate in Kansas state assessments.


    What is Edgenuity?

    All of the courses available through the Eudora VLC are all offered in partnership with Edgenuity, an award-winning online learning system. Edgenuity’s courses include engaging video lessons taught by expert, on-screen teachers, interactive learning tools, and periodic checks for understanding that are embedded strategically in each lesson.


    What courses are available for students to take, and when can I take them?

    All core classes – English/language arts, math, science and social studies – are available through Edgenuity. Elective offerings include career and technical education, foreign language, art, and business classes. Because the classes are offered online through Edgenuity, students may access classroom lessons any time, day or night.


    What is not included?

    In addition to the $15 technology fee each semester, students are responsible for purchasing the standard paper, pencils or other basic supplies needed for coursework. Families are responsible for obtaining whatever Internet service is desired outside of the VLC classroom at West Resource Center.


    How can I make sure I stay on track and complete my coursework?

    Our supportive teachers will work with every Eudora VLC student to develop a plan of study that is both challenging and reasonable. This plan is tailored to the goals and circumstances of each student and is designed to ensure that students are making progress toward their goal of earning a high school diploma.


    Is there a school counselor available?

    In order for a student to be academically prepared and successful at Eudora VLC, students will have access to counseling services from their local district, if needed. 


    Are special education students eligible to enroll at the Eudora VLC?

    The answer to this question depends on the individual student. Students under age 21 with IEPs should work their local school district; the student’s IEP team is responsible for determining if the Eudora VLC is an appropriate placement for an individual student’s learning success.


    When is individualized teacher support available to students in the Eudora VLC?

    The Eudora VLC teachers respond to students’ questions by e-mail or telephone within 24 hours, except on weekends or holiday breaks. The teachers also are available for in-person support at the Eudora VLC classroom, according to the schedule set each year.


    Whom can I contact for more information about the Eudora VLC?

    For more information, call Leonard Scotto at 785-816-1551 or Don Grosdidier at 785-979-1495. Or e-mail, or


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