Programs for high schoolers

  • The Eudora Virtual Learning Center offers a tremendous opportunity for high school students under age 19 who are looking for a flexible, supportive and accredited virtual school experience. We'll even provide you a laptop to use while you're enrolled in our classes, but that's just the beginning!


    • Completion of a Eudora High School diploma
    • Choice of online learning, in-person instructional support, or a combination of both
    • Individual support and accountability with a teacher to ensure your success


    If you enroll before the September 15 deadline for high school students, all you pay is a $15 technology fee each semester -- all your coursework and instructional support are completely free if you live within the school district boundaries of Eudora, Baldwin or the Wellsville school districts. Sorry, we are unable to accept students under age 19 who live outside of these boundaries. The program fee for high school students enrolling after the September 15 deadline is $350.


    The yearly enrollment deadline for high school age students under age 19 is September 15, and a $350 program fee will apply after the deadline has passed.


    In order for a student to be academically prepared and successful at the Eudora VLC, students will have access to counseling services from partnering districts if needed.  Students with IEPs that are under the age of 21 will need to contact their local school district; the student’s IEP team will meet to determine if the Eudora VLC is an appropriate placement for the student.


    For more information or to begin enrollment, contact...

    • Leonard Scotto 785-542-1278 /
    • Don Grosdidier at 785-979-1495 /




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