•  Agriculture Science Pathway.     Ag Pathway Image

    EDTEC Agriculture provides four career pathway options for interested students. These four career paths include: Animal Science, Plant Systems, Comprehensive Ag Science, and Power, Structural & Tech Systems. The pathways course titles include: Agri-science, Animal Science, Vet Science, Plant and Soil Science, Greenhouse and Floriculture Management, Advanced Animal Science, and Ag Leadership. The courses Welding Processes I and II are also available for interested students. The curriculum includes hands-on experience throughout each of the course offerings. These opportunities would include greenhouse work, working with both small and large animals, and an introduction to veterinary medicine. Leadership skills are advanced through involvement in the Eudora FFA Chapter.

    Auto Collision Technology.   Auto Body Pathway Icon

    In the Auto Collision Technology program, students learn to apply auto shop safety, as well as reconstruct, repair, and replace vehicle body parts. Classes help students develop an understanding of metalwork fundamentals, learn uni-body and structural body repair, replace glass and auto hardware, and paint and restore vehicles to a pre-collision condition.

    First-year students will cover shop safety, hand and power tools, refinishing materials, minor auto collision repair, painting equipment, and minor automobile refinishing. The coursework for the second year student includes MIG welding, power tools, estimating, major body repairs, major finishing, and auto body trim work. Both l1st and 2nd year students will work on customer cars to develop their repair skills. This auto collision repair includes estimating repair costs, and completing detailing to finalize vehicle repairs.

    Culinary Arts / Hospitality Services.   Hospitality Pathway Icon

    Students interested in the foodservice industry will learn a wide variety of skills in the Food Production and Services program. This career-focused series of courses allows students to learn more about culinary arts, hotels, travel and tourism, and other hospitality-related industries.

    Food preparation and safe food handling are taught from the beginning with the use of a lecture and a full-scale kitchen laboratory. During the program, students will learn about safety and sanitation laws, rules, and guidelines. They create menus; participate in basic and advanced food preparation; and plan, prepare, and serve banquets. They learn about nutrition information, dietetics, professional equipment, running a business, restaurant design, custodial/janitorial services, customer service skills, resume writing, and job interviewing. Students are also exposed to a number of different career opportunities, ranging from catering and chef positions to restaurant and hospitality management.

    Besides having the opportunity for an assessment of such a rapidly growing and promising industry, students will also be involved with SkillsUSA, the Kansas Restaurant and Hospitality Association, and the National Restaurant Association. Students completing the program earn a national certificate of achievement from the National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation, along with a ServSafe® certificate. Students also may qualify for college credit through established articulation agreements. State and national scholarships are also an available option to pursue.

     Health Career Sciences.    Health Science Pathway Icon

    Students in the Health Career Sciences program will be introduced to the rapidly growing field of health careers. Courses include career research, medical terminology, introductory anatomy and physiology, disease processes, basic patient care skills, patient and employee safety, legal and ethical issues in health care, infection control, medical math, history of medicine, and observation/on-the-job/volunteer training experiences in community health care settings.

    Students may earn American Red Cross certification in Adult and Pediatric CPR, AED, and First Aid. In addition, students may earn college credit to become state-certified nursing assistants (CNA). Post CNA students may earn additional college credit and certifications such as Certified Medication Aide (CMA) and Home Health Aide (HHA).

    Visual Arts / Graphic Design.    Visual Arts Icon
    Eudora High School Students Only

    Students interested in the visual arts will learn a combination of 21st-century skills that will serve them in their future careers as journalists, graphic designers, creative thinkers, and professional visual communicators.

    Participants learn the meaning and value of creativity and innovation through framing, analyzing, and synthesizing information in order to solve problems and answer questions. The curriculum provides students with hands-on experience with industry-standard software and production techniques for digital and print media. A framework is constructed that encourages students to learn to communicate and develop a vocabulary that includes the ability to understand, respond to, and talk about visual images by articulating thoughts and ideas clearly using more than just the written and spoken word.

    Business Finance.    Finance Pathway Icon
    Eudora High School Students Only

    Engineering.                                Engineering Pathway Icon
    Eudora High School Students Only

    The Eudora High School Engineering program is a curriculum that prepares students for a variety of options within the manufacturing design world. Engineering also uses mathematics and natural sciences to develop designs and applications to solve challenges and help people. All students complete a core set of courses selected to provide a well-rounded understanding of design and drawings. This program also allows students to select a focus for their design studies from different tracks such as Mechanical Design or Mechanical Engineering Design. Topics include hands-on instruction in current technical competency areas including Computer Aided Drafting (AutoCAD), 3–D Solid Modeling using Autodesk Fusion 360, and Autodesk Inventor®

    Competencies and leadership skills can be demonstrated through participation in SkillsUSA a Nationally recognized Career and Technical Education organization that has outreach to numerous areas within education and industry.

    Architecture and Construction.    Arch & Contruct Pathway Icon
    Eudora High School Students Only

    The Architecture and Construction program is an introduction to the knowledge and skills in design, planning, and construction along with exploring careers in building and maintaining structures such as homes and other buildings.

    Students will learn about architectural styles, design planning, various building plans, design guidelines. Associated industry software such as AutoCAD and Autodesk Revit® BIM (Building Information Modeling) is incorporated into the curriculum.

    Acquired competency and leadership skills can be demonstrated through participation in SkillsUSA a Nationally recognized Career and Technical Education organization that has outreach to numerous areas within education and industry.

    Education & Training Center.    Teaching Pathway Icon
    Eudora High School Students Only

    The Education and Training Cluster focuses on the development of teachers and trainers in today’s society. This career cluster covers the basics of teaching which can be applied to a range of educational careers from elementary and middle level, to specific teaching disciplines to community education and workforce training across the lifespan. Career and technical skill organizations enhance the learning environment by offering opportunities to develop leadership while practicing classroom knowledge and skills through authentic applications. Courses taught at EHS include Lifespan Development, Teaching as a Career, and an Internship opportunity.

    Digital Media.    Digital Media Icon
    Eudora High School Students Only

    The Digital Media pathway started at Eudora High School in 2011 and offers students a chance to explore their creative side!

    These classes involve the manipulation of software applications, including Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, and also classes that teach how to make videos!

    The Digital Media pathway currently offers two classes in video production. A Video Production 1 class and an application-based Video Production 2 class. Both classes offer a foundation on how to create a video from camera operation, editing, lighting, the writing process, and most importantly, a positive collaborative atmosphere. Both of these year-long classes have had a tremendous amount of success with local video competitions and within our community with our business partnerships.

    If you want to see for yourself the kind of work the video production class creates, head on over to youtube.com/ehsvideoclub! Or follow us on Twitter @EHSproductions!

    Manufacturing.                 Manufacturing Pathway Icon
    Eudora High School Students Only

    The Eudora High School Manufacturing pathway introduces students to the world of Manufacturing. Introductory level courses are designed to instruct students in the basic skills necessary for all occupations within the Construction, Production and Manufacturing career clusters.

    Coursework covers an Introduction to Industrial Technology through to Advanced Materials Technology and Advanced CAD within the Production Strand of the Career Pathway.

    Options also include knowledge of Welding Processes and associated Blueprint Reading to prepare a student for a career within the Welding Industry.

    Programming and Software Development.     Information Tech Pathway Icon
    Eudora High School Students Only


    Travel and Tourism.      Tourism Pathway Icon


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