Programs for adult learners


    The Eudora Virtual Learning Center is a personalized learning experience for adult learners, age 19 and over, to complete a high school diploma. We'll provide you a laptop to use while you're enrolled in our classes... but that's just the beginning!


    • Completion of an official Eudora High School diploma, complete with a "cap and gown" graduation celebration!
    • Choice of online learning, in-person instructional support, or a combination of both!
    • Support and accountability with a teacher to ensure your success and keep you on track to reach your goal!


    All you pay is a $15 technology fee each semester -- all your coursework and instructional support are completely free. (Students under age 19 must live within a certain area to enroll in the Eudora VLC, but there are no geographic boundaries for adult learners age 19 and older.)


    Enrollment for adult learners is open throughout the year. Take the first step today and contact...

    • Leonard Scotto 785-542-1278 /
    • Don Grosdidier at 785-979-1495 /



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