Resources for current EVLC students

  • Resources for current EVLC students


    Technical support

    Need help with technical problems? Edgenuity, our curriculum software provider, can help! The Edgenuity Technical Support is available to help 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by phone at 877-202-0338.


    Are you having trouble logging into VSA? Contact your VLC teacher to reset your username or password.



    Grades and final exams

    Grades in your classes will be indicated by your performance on the computerized assignments, quizzes and tests included in the Edgenuity software. Minimum mastery level at the Eudora VLC is 60% for quizzes and tests. The grading scale is:

         90-100%  A

         80-89%    B

         70-79%    C

         60-69%    D


    Your classes will require a formal review before you take the cumulative exam. When you are ready for the cumulative exam, work with your teacher or site coordinator to arrange a testing appointment. The exam may be taken on site at the Eudora VLC or may be arranged to be taken virtually by electronic means, such as Skype or Google Hangout.


    To have the exam proctored virtually, you must have access to a webcam and microphone. You also must abide by the following expectations:

    • Appropriate clothing at the time of the exam
    • No other people within the scope of your webcam
    • Appropriate behavior at all times during the exam
    • No electronic distractions nearby, such as a television, radio, or cell phone
    • You will be required to scan the room with your webcam prior to taking an online exam.



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