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  • May 11, 2022 - Board Briefs

    Posted by Mark Dodge on 5/12/2022 1:00:00 PM

    The following are highlights of the discussion and action from the regular board meeting on May 11, 2022. For a more detailed account of the meeting, please click here to access BoardDocs


    Click here to view the Board Meeting on our YouTube Channel. 


    Consent Items

    All items listed on the consent agenda were approved without discussion.


    Capstone Projects

    Two groups of EHS seniors from Mr. Dunback's Honors History class presented their CAPstone projects to the Board. 


    Sam Walters presented the possibility of developing a "Biking Infrastructure in the Eudora Community. His plan includes strategically installing bike repair stations and bike racks around Eudora. The plan would encourage greater outdoor activity and make Eudora a more "bike-friendly town." 


    Sophia Ewy, Maya Pattison, and Stella Whalen presented their idea of allowing wall space at EHS to be used for murals to support students' mental health. The addition of brighter colors will increase positivity and improve the moods of students and staff. 


    Eudora Elementary Report

    Mr. Heide, Ms. Soderholm, Ms. Frank, Mrs. Wilcox, Mrs. Grado, and a group of 5th-grade students, Madilyn Revell, Alex Hawkins, Landry Lown, and Chloe Bates from Eudora Elementary, provided a report to the Board, focusing on Card Cast, Student Ambassadors, and "Favorite things from 5th grade." As the school looks ahead to the 2022-2023 school year, its goals will be to focus on team building and culture, data-driven decision making to drive and inform instruction, and build upon community partnerships. 


    Superintendent's Report

    • Main Street Property Interest: Mr. Moeckel engaged the Board in discussion regarding interest by a community member in the possible purchase of the Main Street property. After discussion, Mr. Moeckel will gather additional information regarding the interest in the Main Street property. 
    • Leading for Impact 2021-2022 Overview: Mr. Moeckel provided a report to the Board regarding the work at the district and building levels as part of this school improvement process. Reflections from each building were shared. Mr. Moeckel shared the intended next steps leading into 2022-2023.


    Potential Addition of Girl's Wrestling

    Carl Springer, Eudora Wrestling coach, Cara Kimberlin, EHS Assistant Principal & AD, and Maddy Arnold, EHS freshman, along with a group of EHS wrestlers, presented to the Board regarding a plan to add girls wrestling as a separately recognized sport at Eudora High School. Currently, the EHS wrestling program includes a boys and girls squad. Mr. Moeckel will work with Cara to provide the Board with options to consider at the June Regular Meeting.


    Parking Lot Repairs

    Mr. Moeckel shared two quotes regarding park lot repairs. Following discussion, the Board approved the quote from Approved Paving LLC bid for parking lot work across district facilities.

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  • April 14, 2022 - Board Briefs

    Posted by Mark Dodge on 4/15/2022 12:00:00 PM

    The following are highlights of the discussion and action from the regular board meeting on April 14, 2022. For a more detailed account of the meeting, please click here to access BoardDocs


    Click here to view the Board Meeting on our YouTube Channel. 


    Consent Items

    2.32 MTSS Building Coach Job Description was pulled from the consent agenda for discussion. The amended consent agenda was approved. 


    MTSS Building Coach Job Description

    Mr. Moeckel shared that the job description was written to help recruit staff for the role in their buildings. The job description was created with the help of TASN. After discussion, the MTSS Building Coach job description was approved as presented. 


    Science Olympiad

    The Board formally recognized the EMS & EHS Science Olympiad squads and their coaches, Barbie Hartwell, Ben Moeckel, and Kyle Stadalman. Mrs. Hartwell shared highlights of their seasons. Both squads medaled in 34 of 46 events this year! The EMS squad finished the season, earning 2nd place at state. The EHS squad earned the title of State Champions once again!


    Eudora Schools Foundation Give Day Presentation

    Tony Barron and Ed Hurtig, with the Eudora Schools Foundation, presented their official results of the 2022 Give Day Fundraiser. The Foundation exceeded its $50,000 goal by raising $54,198.64! Thanks and appreciation to the Eudora community were expressed by the ESF and echoed by Mr. Moeckel.


    Eudora Middle School Report

    Jeremy Thomas, along with EMS staff Michelle Plegge and Lauren Durkin, provided the Board with an update on progress made and programming highlights from the 2021-2022 school year. Highlights from the presentation include:

    • School goals developed through the Leading for Impact with TASN
    • The New Student Success Program
    • EmpowerU


    Eudora High School Report

    Mr. Abel provided an update on the school year. Additionally, Lisa Moffitt and Bryan Duncan, EHS Counselors, shared information about the counseling program highlights from the 2021-2022 school year. Highlights included:

    • Freshman SEL Week
    • Hosted League Counselors to Showcase EHS and Network with Colleagues
    • Peaslee Tech Visit
    • Food Pantry Relocation
    • Individual Plan of Study Review with Students
    • Operation Care
    • Tier III SEL Interventions
    • Class Selection Process for 2022-2023
    • Dual Credit Course Updates


    Superintendent’s Report

    • Main St. Property Interest: A community member has expressed interest in the main street property. As a result, Mr. Moeckel reviewed all district property locations with the Board. The property in question is currently used for a bus shuttle satellite location. The property also contains a fuel storage tank. 
    • Stay Survey: Mr. Moeckel shared results from the Stay Survey. Roughly 44% of staff participated in the survey. 
    • Summer Academy Presentation: Jamie Grado provided the Board with an update regarding the Summer Academy program for students in grades K-8. Summer Academy will occur at EMS from June 6 to June 30, 2022. The program will run from Mondays through Thursdays. Fridays will be a planning day for teachers. While academic themes will occur, the program will be run with a camplike atmosphere. Breakfast and lunch will be provided. The program will include offsite field trips, community involvement, and Eudora Reads.
    • Distribution of Diplomas at Graduation May 14, 2022: Heather Whalen, Becky Plate, and Mark Chrislip will be on hand at Graduation to hand out diplomas.
    • Applauding Excellence - May 18, 2022: Mr. Moeckel shared the date of our annual recognition event with the Board. 


    Special Education Report

    Mrs. Plate shared that the annual audit had been completed. Policy language was discussed to provide classified with two paid snow day leave when USDs are out due to inclement weather. A WEBS principal was employed. Para staffing needs continue to be an area of focus for the interlocal. Efforts will be made to advocate to the Kansas legislature to fully fund Special Education at the statutory level of 92%.


    Curriculum Coordinating Council Report

    Mrs. Harding shared information regarding the makeup of the CCC. She shared information regarding the EES pilot of the Heggerty reading intervention program. The CCC has developed a five-year plan for adopting content area materials. 


    Chromebook Bid

    Mr. Long provided the Board with information regarding the annual Chromebook refresh model. He shared a variety of options with the Board, including doing nothing. All bids received by the district were shared. After discussion, the Board approved the bid from Bloom USA, Inc. for Dell 4Gb/16Gb Chromebooks in the amount of $80,652.00.

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  • March 21, 2022 - Board Briefs

    Posted by Mark Dodge on 3/22/2022 12:00:00 PM

    The following are highlights of the discussion and action from the regular board meeting on March 21, 2022. For a more detailed account of the meeting, please click here to access BoardDocs


    Click here to view the Board Meeting on our YouTube Channel. 


    Consent Items

    All items listed on the consent agenda were approved without discussion.


    EHS Recognition of State Qualifying Teams

    Cara Kimberlin recognized the following EHS sports/activities and their coaches and directors for their excellent achievements this year. In addition, each coach and director pointed out highlights of the teams and programs. 


    EHS Choir, Band, and Orchestra with Directors Allison Enneking and Damian Johnson

    Wrestling with Head Coach Jotham Andrews

    Scholars Bowl and Sponsor Rose Garrison

    EHS Boys Basketball and Head Coach Kyle Deterding

    EHS Girls Basketball and Head Coach Brandon Parker


    Cara Kimberlin also recognized Eliana Isenburg, who was recently selected as a National Merit Scholarship Finalist. 


    EHS Culinary Class

    EHS Culinary Arts Pathway Teacher Chef Jack Low and his Culinary Arts students provided the Board with information regarding their two significant competitions in Wichita and Johnson County Community College. In addition, students shared their perspectives with the Board regarding competitions, teamwork, and employment in the foodservice industry.   


    Superintendent's Report 

    • Stay Survey - Plan of Implementation: Mr. Moeckel a draft of the planned "stay survey." The survey has been pushed to staff. The district will continue to seek responses and have results for the Board at the next meeting. 
    • RFP for Chromebooks: Mr. Moeckel provided the Board with information regarding a potential refresh of the Chromebook fleet. No action was requested. Additionally, Mr. Moeckel mentioned the concept of looking at transitioning away from the Chromebook ecosystem to the Apple ecosystem. He shared some considerations and implications regarding a transition to Apple.
    • BOE Work Session Input: Mr. Moeckel asked the Board for ideas about when they could gather for a work session. After discussion, the Board asked to hold the work session in June. A specific date was not determined. 
    • PreK Program: Mr. Moeckel shared information about the possibility of moving PreK to Eudora Elementary School. He shared the long-term options that would accompany the move of the PreK program to EES. The district would look to move the WEBS program to the West Resource Center to occupy the space that would be made available with the transition of PreK to EES. At this time, no final decisions have been made. 
    • Virtual CCP Courses for Virtual School: Mr. Moeckel shared information with the Board regarding virtual concurrent enrollment courses via Baker University offered to our Virtual students during the 2022-2023 school year. The district is working with the ESF to possibly offset course costs for all students, virtual and brick-and-mortar.  


    Eudora Schools Foundation Report

    Mrs. Whalen shared the grand total from the March 2nd Give Day, where $54,198.64 was raised. Mrs. Whalen also thanked and praised the Eudora community for their generosity and support. 


    Special Education Interlocal Report  

    Mrs. Plate shared details from the March Interlocal meeting. The Interlocal's strategic planning survey has been launched. Work is being done to match "snow day" policies with the local member USDs. A job description is being developed for the new WEBS Director position. 


    City of Eudora Planning Commission Meeting Report

    Mr. Hurla shared information that 12 permits were approved by the planning commission. The site plan for fleet parking at Intech Business Park.


    Curriculum Coordinating Council Report

    Mrs. Harding shared that the CCC is nearing the final stages of updating its policies. Mrs. Harding noted that the CCC discussed "Districts on the Move" and its impact on the school improvement process. She shared that the process to adopt ELA materials in the spring of 2023 has started with a needs assessment survey given to current ELA teachers. The CCC discussed how to proceed with a new School Improvement Director next year.


    Jobs for America's Graduates (JAG)

    Mr. Moeckel shared information regarding Jobs for America's Graduates was shared with the Board. In addition, Mr. Moeckel shared information regarding the selection criteria for JAG. The district would work with JAG to hire the program teacher. The cost to the district for the teacher is $12,000. The Board approved the Partnership Agreement between Jobs for America's Graduates-Kansas and the Eudora Unified School District 491, as presented.

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