Mental Health Crisis Response Team

  • The Eudora Schools mental health crisis team is available to assist in helping students and staff deal with crisis situations. Any event that threatens a feeling of safety and security shall be considered a crisis. There are unlimited possibilities for crisis situations that could affect the district. These may include suicide, death, trauma, natural disaster, and acts of violence, among many others. The team's role is to help students and staff cope with feelings of grief and stress, as well as to help transition the school community back into its normal routine.


    Included on this crisis team are the school counselors, school psychologist, and school social worker. These people have been trained in crisis management. In addition, the Eudora district has access to the regional crisis intervention team, coordinated through the Greenbush educational cooperative.


    Goals of the mental health crisis response team are to:

    • Provide an organized, systematic, and flexible response to the emotional needs created in crisis situations.
    • Provide immediate emotional support for school staff, students, and administration as they work through a crisis situation.
    • Help anticipate the emotional and mental health needs of individuals and groups affected by a crisis situation.
    • Aid in transitioning the school community back to its daily routine.
    • Identify those individuals who might need follow-up support. Provide referrals to outside services.
    • Be proactive in the education of the school and district communities in crisis prevention and the ongoing process of creating safe learning environments.