• Welcome to seventh grade math!

    Seventh grade math students focus on five critical areas in mathematics:

    1. developing understanding of and applying proportional relationships;
    2. developing understanding of operations with rational numbers;
    3. working with expressions and linear equations;
    4. solving problems involving scale drawings and working with two- and three-dimensional shapes to solve problems involving area, surface area, and volume; and
    5. drawing inferences about populations based on samples.



    Our primary resource is enVision Math from Savvas. Students have a softbound textbook that they may write in to complete assignments. The resource also includes digital access to the textbook and teachers can assign activities and homework. Students access the digital portion through Google classroom.


    Students and teachers work together to provide a safe and respectful learning environment. Each person should observe the following:

    Student Responsibilities

    • Come to class prepared
    • Participate in class discussions and activities
    • Follow directions carefully
    • Be considerate and respectful of the people in the room
    • Turn in quality assignments and tests
    • Give your best effort every day

    Teacher Responsibilities

    • Come to class prepared
    • Provide directions for learning
    • Answer questions and help students to understand the concepts
    • Promote skills needed to be successful
    • Promote a space that respects others in the room
    • Give your best effort every day



    Students will follow the behavior policies designated by the school. Middle school students generally know the correct way to behave and should practice self-discipline. Any behavior that interferes with building positive relationships is not appropriate. Self-discipline should be used throughout the entire school building. Students who violate the rules will receive consequences in line with building policies and procedures.



    If students are absent from class, it is their responsibility to check with Ms. Johnson about make-up work. Students should check Google classroom. Any expected work is posted there daily. Students can also email Ms. Johnson about work missed.



    Homework assignments will be given on a regular basis. Students are expected to complete the work on time.

    Handbook Policy for Homework Makeup

    Eudora Middle School homework policy states that all students will have two days for every day they are absent to make up assigned work. All work is due at the end of the second school day after the student returns. If an assignment has been assigned a week in advance and the student misses the day it is due, the assignment is due the day the student returns. For extended absences, more than 3 days in a row, students should consult the teacher as to a due date. In this situation, the due date will not be less than 6 days. This may not apply for projects or major assignments with deadlines established several days in advance of a due date.

    Test Makeup

    • If a student is absent the day of a test but was present the day preceding the test, the student will take the test the day of return.
    • If a student is absent the day preceding the test, the student may have one additional day after returning before taking the test.
    • If a student is absent two days before the test, the student will be given two days after returning to make up the test.
    • If a student is absent three days preceding the test, then three days will be given after returning for makeup.
    • Three days are the maximum number of days for making up tests unless special arrangements are made by the student with the teacher. This should be done only in special situations such as extended illness or other situations that have taken the student out of class for an extended time.



    Grades are based on cumulative points earned through homework assignments, projects, quizzes, tests, and summative assessments. The following letter grades are assigned based on the earned points.

    90% to 100% A

    80% to 89% B

    70% to 79% C

    60% to 69% D

    Below 60% F