• Math Class Expectations 2021-2022

    Students and teachers work together to provide a safe and respectful learning environment. To accomplish this the following responsibilities are needed in the classroom.

    Student Responsibilities 

    • Come to class prepared                                                                        
    • Participate in class discussions and activities                                           
    • Follow directions carefully 
    • Be considerate of the people in the room
    • Turn in quality assignments and tests
    • Give best effort every day

    Teacher Responsibilities

    • Come to class prepared
    • Provide directions for learning
    • Answer questions and help students to understand concepts
    • Promote skills needed to be successful
    • Promote a space that respects others in the room
    • Give best effort every day 

    Classroom Expectations

    1. Report to class on time and with materials necessary for class participation. Required materials: math book, sharpened pencils, red pen, planner, calculator and Chromebook.
    2. Follow directions given by the instructor.
    3. Do no bring food or candy into the classroom unless approved by the teacher. Mak sure your water bottle is appropriate and does not make a lot of noise.
    4. Respect yourself, the teacher, and others.
    5. Put forth your best effort at all times.
    6. Take responsibilitey for your actions.
    7. Be a responsible digital citizen.


    Student Behavior

    Students will follow the behavior policies deginated by the school. Middle school students generally know the right way to behave and should practice self-discipline. Any behavior that interferes with building positive relationships is not appropriate. Self-discipline should be used throughout the entire school building. Students who violate the rules will receive consequences in line with building policies and procedures.


    If students are absent from class, it is their responsibility to check with Ms. Johnson about make-up work. A good place to check would be Google classroom. If the daily work is not posted, students may email Ms. Johnson about what has been done on missed days. 

    If students are absent because of quarantine or Covid 19, please contact Ms. Johnson. A plan will be made to make up assignments and tests.


    Homework assignments will be given on a regular basis. Students are expected to complete the work on time. Refer to the student handbook for the building make-up policy for assignments and tests.

    If the assigment is turned in the day after it was due, 20% will be taken off of the overall earned score. The student will have one week (7 days) from the date due to turn in the asisgnment for 50% of the overall earned score. After one week, no credit (a zero) will be given to the missing assignment or major project. 


    Grades are based on cumulative points earned through homework assignments, projects, quizzes, tests, and summative assessments. The following letter grades are asigned based on the earned points.

    A= 90% to 100%, B=80% to 89%, C=70% to 79%, D= 60% to 69%, F= below 60%