• Why MTSS Math?

    MTSS math class provides students with the opportunity to enhace their math knowledge and ability through activities and assignment support. The class will provide students with the opportunity to work on math class assignments, provide time for students to ask questions, and work on reinforcing math skills. The goal is to help students close learing gaps and feel more confident in their ability to be successful. Activities will be completed in class, and students will not have homework to complete. In the event of a hybrid situation, students will be asked to complete online acitivities.


    Classroom Expectations

    1. Report to class on time and with all materials necessary for class participation.
    2. You need to following items in your backpack: sharpened pencils, notebook paper, math assignments, and planner. You will also need your Chromebook in its case.
    3. Follow directions as given by the instructor. 
    4. Do not bring food or candy into the classroom unless approved by the teacher. Make sure your water bottle is appropriate and does not make a lot of noise.
    5. Respect yourself, the teacher, and others.
    6. Put forth your best effort at all times.
    7. Take responsibiilty for your actions.

    Student Behavior

    Students will follow the behavior policies designated by the school. Students are also expected to practice self-discipline. This skill is exhibited in how you get along with students and teacher. Any behavior that interferes with building positive relationships is not appropriate. Self-disciplne should be used throughout the entire school building. Students who violate the rules will receive consequences in line with building policies and procedures.


    If you are absent from class, it is your responsibility to check with Ms. Johnson about what you missed.


    MTSS math is graded on a pass/fail overall grade. Students are expected to participate in class and display a willingness to work on the class activities throughout the course. A rubric will be used daily to determine points for the students. Students with excused absences will not be penalized for the daily points. Some activities compleged for class will be graded and added to a student's overall course grade.

    Grade Scale     P = 60% or higher     F = Below 60%