• Developmental screenings

    This is an opportunity to see where your student's skills are in comparison to other children his/her age. Participating in the screening is not an indication that there are serious concerns; rather, it is that more information may be needed. At the screening, children are asked to perform tasks that measure the development of:

    • Cognition (matching, counting, and problem solving)
    • Speech and language (how they understand and use language)
    • Motor skills (writing, balance, and coordination)
    • In addition, the school nurse will perform a vision and hearing screening. 

    Before the screening, parents will fill out pre-enrollment forms including questionnaires and other documents for the screening process.  This will be shared with the team on how your child is developing at home and in social settings.

    Parents will be contacted after the screening with the results of the screenings and any recommendations from the screening team within the following week from their screening date.  At this time, it will be discussed if the parent will begin the enrollment process for early childhood attendance or go onto the waitlist.  If a child is put on the waitlist, they will be contacted by the early childhood administrative team as openings become available or it is recommended to find placement in a community preschool.

    For more information about the Eudora Early Childhood Programs or if you believe your child would benefit from a developmental screening, call the Eudora Elementary School main office at 785-542-4940.