ESVL Curriculum


    Students are provided a curriculum through the curriculum application Edgenuity. Courses are structured by certified teachers and provide a combination of vocabulary, direct instruction, practice work, labs, and test reviews to complete mastery exams or course proficiency. Modification for each individual student will be considered based on: career goals, diagnostic tests, pretests, transcript analysis and individual learning skills. Students are encouraged to take notes, use the guided e-notes if provided, create flashcards or other study aids as needed.


    Edgenuity Courseware enables students to take ownership over their learning and supports educators to help them improve efficiency and maximize student success. Courseware curriculum is grounded in research and aligned to state standards, the Common Core, and the NGSS. Courses combine direct-instruction videos featuring expert, on-screen teachers with rigorous assignments, performance tasks, and assessments to engage students and ensure subject-area mastery.


Edgenuity Curriculum Information

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    2021 Edgenuity Kansas Course List

    2021 Edgenuity Course Descriptions


    *The Edgenuity Kansas course list and course descriptions are a complete list of the high school courses that Edgenuity provides. While ESVL offers a comprehensive selection of courses, not every Edgenuity course is available to ESVL students. At this time, ESVL does not subscribe to the eDynamic Learning courses, CTE courses, or SEL courses that are currently listed in the Edgenuity course descriptions. Information on specific courses of study and available electives are provided upon enrollment. For details, please speak to ESVL staff during the enrollment process.