• New Student Enrollment | Welcome to the Cardinal Family!


    This section is only for students who are NOT currently attending Eudora Schools but are indicating interest in enrolling.

    Use the button below to complete online pre-enrollment for students. To pre-enroll a NEW student, you will need a valid email address to create your account. This account will be separate from your PowerSchool Parent Portal account that will be set up during enrollment.

    If you do not have access to pre-enroll your student online or would like assistance, please contact the main number of the building your student will be attending.

    The links below are for NEW students who are not currently attending in our district.


    New enrollment meetings are by appointment only. To make an appointment, please contact the school that your student will attend.

    • Eudora Elementary School (Early Childhood-5): 785-542-4940
    • Eudora Middle School (6-8): 785-542-4960
    • Eudora High School (9-12): 785-542-4980
    • Eudora Schools Virtual Learning (6-adult): 785-542-4989




    Before your student can attend school in Eudora, please provide the following required items:

      • Residency Verification
        In order to verify district residence, parents or guardians must provide a document showing Eudora residency. If you are moving into Eudora and your home and/or living quarters will not be ready until after your student needs to start school, you must apply for "Out of District" status. This requires a non-refundable $100 per student application fee and a completed out-of-district application prior to being considered for administrative approval.

      • Proof of Identity
        According to K.S.A. 72-53,106, Kansas schools are required to collect proof of identity for students at the time of enrollment. According to state statute, proof of identity means:

    (A) In the case of a child enrolling in kindergarten or first grade, a certified copy of the birth certificate of the child or, as an alternative, for a child who is in the custody of the Kansas Secretary for Children and Families, a certified copy of the court order placing the child in the custody of the Secretary and, in the case of a child enrolling in any of the grades two through 12, a certified transcript or other similar pupil records or data; or

    (B) any documentary evidence that a school board deems to be satisfactory proof of identity.

      • Health Assessment Form
        Signed by a doctor. This could be the district's New Student Health Assessment form, or whatever official form your doctor's office uses for a school health assessment. (Click here to download our New Student Health Assessment form.).

      • Immunization Record
        Showing that your student is current on vaccinations, as required by Kansas law.

      • Grade card or check-out sheet.
        A grade card from the previous school is helpful at enrollment time to determine appropriate classes for each student. If enrolling in the middle of the year, a check-out sheet from the previous school must be presented to document both proper check-out and status of grades at the time of check-out.

    Please provide the following items where applicable:

      • Educational Access Permission Form
        Should you desire to allow another individual, who is not the legal parent/guardian for your student, access to your student’s educational information, please complete the Educational Access Permission Form. By doing so, you are allowing this specific individual to have access to the educational records of your student, as well as permission to communicate specifically with school/ district personnel regarding your student (Click here to download the Educational Access Permission Form).

      • Student Medication Form
        This must be signed by a doctor if prescription medication is to be given to your child at school. (Click here to download the Student Medication Form).

      • Guardianship.
        If the student is not living with the parent who has legal custody, guardianship papers must be submitted and notarized before any further enrollment takes place. This will need to be resubmitted each year.

      • Divorce Decree.
        If the student's parents are divorced, present a copy of the section that states who has custody and who has residential custody. Without this documentation, the district must assume that both parents have equal parental rights.