• Out-of-district Approval

    Per USD 491 Board Policy, out of district (non-resident), students may seek out of district enrollment approval each year pending adequate staff, facilities, equipment, and supplies. Additionally, other factors, including but not limited to academic progress, regular and punctual attendance, and compliance with our student behavior expectations, will be considered prior to approving a student's out of district request for enrollment.  Click here to access the full Eudora Board Policy on Enrollment (JBC).

    New and returning students must pay a $100 non-refundable out of district application fee for each student seeking out of district (OOD) status.  Once the OOD application fee has been paid, the OOD application will be made available for each student seeking OOD status.  Payment and completed applications are accepted during regular business hours at the Eudora Schools district office.

    If you started to enroll but were told you needed to wait on approval as an out-of-district family, be sure you have paid the non-refundable $100 out of district (OOD) application fee for each student and you have turned in your OOD application for each student.  Once your application fee has been paid and your application has been approved, you will be cleared to complete the online enrollment process.