Technology tools for employees

  • Below you'll find information on...

    • WiFi
    • E-mail
    • Voice mail
    • How to request help
    • PowerSchool
    • Your computer
    • Using your own equipment

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    Secured WiFi is provided for all district assigned staff and student devices.  District staff members may connect one personal device to the designated staff WiFi network for communication, security, and emergency purposes. Guest WiFi for non-district members is available 48 hours in advance by request only via the helpdesk ticket system.


    District staff members are given an e-mail account for communication. Keep in mind that e-mails on this account are the property of the school district; in fact, state law requires that the district keep a permanent archive of all e-mails.

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    Voice mail

    Most staff members are provided a voice mailbox, but because there are not telephones in every room, voice messages also are delivered in e-mail. However, you must delete old messages by using a phone -- deleting them from your e-mail will still leave them in your mailbox.


    I need help!

    Technology is a wonderful thing—when it’s working and when you feel comfortable using it!

    • To report a problem or request additional training, go to the Technology Help Desk
    • If an unexpected technology failure interferes with student instruction or safety, your building’s head secretary can quickly track down a member of the IT team.



    Teachers are expected to electronically record student attendance at the beginning of each day (and at the beginning of each class period at the middle school and high school). PowerSchool also is used to maintain student records and help keep parents informed of their child's progress. 


    Your computer

    Passwords should be memorized and guarded with care. Never log in on someone else’s machine—your data and files can be lost or damaged if you do this!

    Laptops are a great tool for collaboration and work outside of the classroom. If you have a laptop, you are encouraged to take it with you as often as you would like. Just be sure to keep it safe—do not leave it in your car! Also protect it from extreme temperatures by keeping and using it indoors.


    Using your own equipment

    Everyone who works in this district relies heavily on the regular, smooth operation of the district’s network, servers, and infrastructure. Connecting non-district equipment to the district’s network can create major technical issues that could affect all users. Leave your personal computer, printer, scanner, or other devices at home—if you need additional equipment for your job, contact the IT department to find an appropriate solution.


    Social media and your job

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