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HR Quick Updates

  • HR Updates: 4/25/2022


    Physical time clocks will be delivered and installed in each employee location in the next couple of weeks.  Employees will now have multiple ways to clock in/out and access their timesheet information:

    • Mobile access
    • Desktop access 
    • Timeclocks using district-issued proximity cards 

    HR department representatives will be present in each location beginning next week to register individual staff proximity cards onto the devices and provide training and resources.  More information will be released later this week.

    Reminder: Complete physical activity survey

    We value employees’ health and we want to promote a healthy workplace for all of our employees. To help do that, please complete this short follow-up survey about physical activity and sedentary behavior. It is important that all employees complete this survey, regardless of whether or not they are physically active.

    I want to make clear that your individual responses will never be made available to me or anyone at our worksite. The collected data will never be used to identify you. In fact, your name will not even be collected. All employee results will be combined into a single report for our worksite, and the confidentiality of your responses will be maintained.

    The assessment allows for multiple submissions on the same computer. Please make sure you complete the assessment to the very end (clicking on the “Submit” button). To ensure proper reporting, please make sure you select Eudora School District as your worksite near the end.

    Please complete the survey by clicking the link below: deadline is May 9th, 2022. It will take you 10 minutes or less to complete.

    Survey link: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/USD491PA

    Step Into Summer Challenge

    The Cardinal Wellness Committee will host the Step into Summer Challenge beginning May 1st.  The challenge is to complete 10,000 steps per day.  The registration/card fee is $1.00.  Registration fees will be used to award winners of the challenge determined by random drawings of participants.  Registration fees may be sent to Amy Shanks or Heather Adams prior to Friday, April 29th.  The Step Into Summer Challenge will run from May 1st through May 14th.  For more information on the benefits of walking, please click here.  Stay tuned for group activities involving walking.

    HR Updates: 04/01/2022
    Skyward Employee Leave
    Despite the cold weather, summer is right around the corner.  Please take some time to review your available leave balances in Skyward and the applicable leave policies.  For instructions on how to view available leave balances, please click here.  Leave balance sheets will be distributed later this month to eligible employees.  
    Skyward Timesheet Approvals
    April 6th is the last day of the current payroll period.  Because the 6th falls in the middle of the week, employees using Skyward for timekeeping will have two timesheets to submit for the week ending 4/8.  Now would also be a great time to review your resubmitted timesheet weeks if necessary.  Please contact Amanda Brunkow if you have any questions.  
    Mindfulness and Wellness Resources
    The conclusion of the school year can be a busy and stressful time.  Please remember to take some time for yourself.  Our wellness coordinator through BCBS has provided some tips for mindfulness that you may find helpful.
    • We have been hearing more and more about the stresses and challenges of work, life, and work/life balance. Here is a really great, free resource for trying out some guided meditation: Mindfulness and Meditation – Free Guided Meditations from UCLA ​​
    • The app, Calm, is also another user-friendly and free resource for getting started with mindfulness and meditation.
    ​Hopefully, we will begin to see sunshine and warmer temperatures in the next couple of weeks.  Below are some opportunities for activity and getting out in the community.
    • Eudora School District employees who have purchased the annual membership through parks and recreation also have access to pickleball each week.  Every Wednesday from 5:00-8:00 p.m. you can perfect your pickleball skills and engage in some friendly competition. 
    • Lucy Kaegi Park offers a 1/3 mile walking trail for those that would rather be outdoors.  
    For more offerings through Eudora Parks and Recreation, check their website Eudora Parks and Recreation.

    HR Updates: 2/25/22

    Leave Accounts in Skyward
    All employee leave account balances have been transferred to Skyward.  Please take a few minutes to review your available leave balances.  If you feel there is a discrepancy, please contact Amy Shanks or Amanda Brunkow as soon as possible to review.  As a reminder, when requesting leave, please utilize available current leave first.  After the current leave has been exhausted, please choose rollover leave, if available.  For more information on how to view and request leave, please log into the help center located in the knowledge hub in your Skyward Employee Access account.  
    ​At the conclusion of the current pay period, March 6th, 2022, the META link will be removed from the Eudora schools website.  Thank you for your continued patience and flexibility during the conversion from META to Skyward.
    Timesheet Week Submission
    March 6th is the end of the current pay period.  All timesheet weeks will need to be submitted for payroll using Skyward.  Instructions to submit timesheet weeks in Skyward can be found here.  As a reminder, timesheet weeks may be submitted at any point during the month at the conclusion of the timesheet week.  Please contact HR or your immediate supervisor if you need assistance or for corrections.  
    Snow Day Reminder
    Employees working less than 12 months per year are eligible for two (2) paid inclement weather days.  Eligible employees will be paid for inclement weather days falling on February 2nd and February 17th in accordance with your work schedule.  To receive compensation for the third snow day occurring on February 18th, employees may submit leave requests in Skyward.

    HR Updates: 02/14/22


    By now, all staff actively employed by Eudora Schools should have received a welcome email from Skyward and have had an opportunity to access their account.  Here are a few important reminders as you are navigating through the system.
    • If you are having problems accessing Skyward, please contact HR as soon as possible.  While META clocks are still available to track time, the preferred method is using the Skyward system.
    • If you are requesting leave, you will likely receive a warning message that you do not have any time available.  Leave accounts have not yet been populated with current leave.  The warning message will not prevent you from requesting leave.  The leave accounts should reflect the correct balances in the near future. 
    • If something does not appear correct; contact HR.  There has been a great deal of data to migrate into the new system, so if any errors have been made we would like to get them corrected right away.  Thank you for your patience as we perfect this system.   
    TeacherFit 100
    If you have been participating in the TeacherFit 100, in order for your points to show up in the group, you will need to join by accessing the TeacherFit 100 Group.  You can find the group by clicking here.  By completing the challenge, you may earn points towards your incentive plan. However, it is entirely optional.  There will be additional opportunities to earn points throughout the year.  
    ​Have a wonderful week; Go Cards!​

    HR Updates: 1/21/22



    You are important, and we want to be sure we’re celebrating each other for the amazing work we’re doing. There are so many great stories that happen each and every day, and we want to uncover more of these stories. 

    We just started using software called iAspire that will reach out to you each month asking who you want to recognize and celebrate. Simply click the link that is sent, and you'll be able to choose a person to recognize and share a quick story about that person. It takes about a minute to complete, and the person you recognize will be notified right away!


    Your voice matters, and we want to provide opportunities for you to share your experiences at work. iAspire will reach out to you a few weeks prompting you to answer questions about your experiences at work. You can provide additional details, or you can simply answer the questions. This takes just a few minutes. Thank you in advance for sharing your perspective!

    Year-End Tax Statements

    Please look for these in your district mailboxes towards the end of next week.  I would encourage logging into Skyward and checking Employee Access to make sure your address is correct.  The address that appears in Employee Access will also appear on your W2.  All 1095 ACA forms will be mailed out by a 3rd party vendor to employee home addresses.  These forms are NOT required to file your individual returns.  

    HR Updates: 01/14/21
    COVID Leave
    COVID 19 continues to create disruptions in our lives, both at home and at work.  To ease the burden on district staff, Eudora School District will be offering COVID leave to ALL district staff who have had to miss work due to a personal positive case of COVID or that of a dependent.  COVID leave is being granted retroactively to the beginning of the school year.  For more information, please refer to the document attached to this email.  
    Skyward Information
    By now all district employees should have received a welcome email from Skyward.  The Eudora School District will be fully migrated to Skyward by the end of this current pay period (February 6th).  After creating your Skyward account, you will be able to perform the following tasks in Employee Access: 
    • View your employee demographic information for accuracy
    • View payroll history
    • Estimate future checks
    • View your work calendar
    • Submit a new federal W4
    • View and print W2 (beginning in 2023
    • Submit a change of direct deposit
    Coming Soon!
    • Clock in/out
    • Submit leave requests and view available balances
    If you did not receive the welcome email from Skyward, please contact human resources.  
    There is also a mobile app available through Skyward.  See the attached flyer for more details.  HR staff will be circulating the district in late January to provide additional training and support for this new software.  
    TeacherFit 100 Challenge
    Beginning tomorrow, January 15th, all district staff may choose to join the TeacherFit 100 challenge!  If you would like more information on how the challenge works, view the TeacherFit 100 Challenge Intro Video.  To complete the challenge you only need to log 30 minutes of activity each day.  If you miss a day that is okay!  The goal is to build consistency and work towards a healthy 2022.  The video explains how to log points as well as the various activities that are available through TeacherFit.  If you have not yet registered for TeacherFit-you may do so by clicking here.  The challenge is nationwide and will have Eudora competing against comparably sized districts across the US.  Winners are awarded a $1000 wellness grant!
    First-time login from your mobile device or tablet:
    Open your browser and navigate to https://app.teacherfit.com
    • Login using your email and the password you specified during registration
    • If you have an Android device
      • Select "Add TeacherFit to your home screen" when prompted.
      • Select "Allow push notifications"
    • If you are an iOS device:
      • Tap the Share button and select "Add to Home Screen"The TeacherFit app will now be on your home screen.
    Have a wonderful weekend!  Go Cards!

    HR Updates from 12/10/21
    Skyward Update: Employee Access
    Beginning in mid-January, all district employees will be provided with Skyward Employee Access available in both a desktop version as well as a mobile app.  By downloading the mobile app., you will be able to pull up information regarding payroll checks, W2 information, and available leave.  For a quick demonstration of employee access, click here.  More information regarding Skyward will be provided in January.  

    EES Fitness Room

    Eudora employees will soon have another location to help meet health and wellness goals.  Eudora Elementary school's fitness room will become available the week of December 20th.  In order to utilize the fitness room, employees will be required to watch the equipment safety usage videos located on the district website, or by clicking here and completing the waiver that is attached to this email.  Employees should not use the room without completing these steps.  
    HR Updates from 10/29/21
    Happy Friday!  Please see the updates below from the HR department.  
    Biometric Screenings
    Thank you to everyone that participated in the biometric screenings.  If you have not already done so, please complete the personal health assessment here.  
    If you have not had an opportunity to register for an account with TeacherFit, you may use this link: TeacherFit Registration Link.
    Skyward is Coming
    The Eudora School District is pleased to announce the transition to Skyward Qmlativ as the human resource information system beginning in January of 2022.  Beginning in December, HR will be visiting individual departments training employees on how to utilize this new software.  For a sneak peek, view the welcome video for the phone app: Skyward Employee Access Demo Video.
    ​Employee Mental Health Resources
    BCBS has launched a new resource to connect patients to mental health providers that will meet their specific needs.  For more information, click here.  
    MiResource guides users to answer specific questions to be matched with the right mental health resource. The questions help the tool filter the user's needs, such as: 
    • Type of care, such as talk therapy and medication management
    • Areas of focus, such as grief or loss, trauma, sexual or gender identity, and sleep concerns
    • Preferred method of payment
    • In-person or telehealth
    • Provider identity, such as race/ethnicity and languages spoken
    • Accessibility, such as step-free entry and elevators

    MiResource contains in-network providers. Anyone can search the MiResource directory; however, mental health benefits could vary based on the group’s/member coverage.

    For more in-depth information and to view past updates, click 

    HR Updates from 10/04/21
    Biometric Screening and Flu Shots
    Registration is open for biometric screenings scheduled at the West Resource Center from 7:00-9:30 a.m. on October 15th and October 21st.  Registration instructions are attached to this email, or you may navigate to your Cerner site and register.  You do not need an appointment for a flu shot; just bring your insurance card with you.
    Many of you have registered with TeacherFit and have completed some of the exercises; that's awesome!  TeacherFit is currently hosting a nationwide challenge and is inviting staff to join on a personal level.  The goal is to set and achieve personal wellness goals.  If you are interested in the phone app, see the original welcome email for instructions.  Pro tip: the instructions are for Safari, not Chrome.  

    HR Updates from 09/24/21

    Biometric Screening and Flu Shots

    Biometric Screenings and flu shots are scheduled for October 15th with an overflow date of October 22nd.  Registration information will be sent out after October 1st.  

    TeacherFit Wellness App

    School district employees, including those employed by the interlocal, now have access to TeacherFit.  TeacherFit is a site designed to assist individuals in meeting health, nutritional and overall wellbeing goals.  We may even use the site to complete a challenge later in the year.  If you are interested in gaining access and creating an account, click here.


    Cardinal Cardio
    Did you know that as a district employee you have access to a Cardio room? If you are interested in how you may utilize this benefit, please contact HR. 🏋

    HR Updates from 09/17/2021 


    The Wellness Committee has been working hard to create a culture of wellbeing in the Eudora School District. Through a partnership with WorkWell Kansas, the committee has adopted physical health and movement for the current school year's initiative. Look for exciting things to come including a district-wide membership to TeacherFit being launched next week.

    The incentive plan has been modified to allow greater participation and rewards for healthy behaviors. For more information on the incentive plan, please visit our district's website.

    Benefits Enrollment Information and Changes

    Thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedules to participate in benefit open enrollment. The new plan year will begin on October 1st. Please note that effective October 1st, dental plans will be covered under Delta Dental of Kansas and Vision plans will be covered under Aetna. If you have any questions, please contact Human Resources.

    Employment Policy Handbook

    The Employment Policy Handbook has been updated to include changes made in board policy to the sexual harassment and discrimination policies. The updated handbook can be found on the district's website in the Human Resources Department under Employment Policy.

    Employee Assistance Plan

    The Employee Assistance Plan is available to any Eudora School District Employee free of charge when you need someone to talk to for a variety of financial, legal, personal, or job-related issues. A new online service request form has been made available this year to make assistance more accessible. Please download the attached EAP flyer and keep it at a location where you will have it if you need it. For interlocal employees, please contact the COOP for information regarding their EAP.