• Welcome! This is your guide to translate the terms and acronyms used in our schools. Any system — including a school district — is full of specialized terms, abbreviations and jargon, which can make it overwhelming at times! Use this list when you need a translation, or when "speaking school language" will help you get what you need.


    Entries designated with a * are community-based groups that are not affiliated with the school district.


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    ACE Arts Coalition of Eudora, a parent volunteer group providing art education to classrooms in Eudora Elementary School
    *ACES Eudora Autism Community Education and Support Society is a community organization dedicated to serving families affected by autism spectrum disorders.
    Academic Opportunity After-school program for middle school students who have not completed homework as assigned.
    AMO (Annual Measurable Objectives) Accountability system to measure Kansas school district performance. This replaces the former AYP (Adequate Yearly Progress) model
    Bert Nash Community Mental Health System Community mental health center in Lawrence that provides various services for Douglas County schools.
    Blackboard System used by the school district to notify parents through automated e-mail, phone or text messages. Updates to contact information should be provided to your student's school office, or click here to learn more.
    BOE (Board of Education) Governing body for the school district. Click here to learn more.
    The Bridge A network of agencies, including Eudora Schools, that provides programs and services to serve families, children and the community.
    CAP (Consolidated Assistance Plan) Eudora’s system for managing the Title I and academic at-risk programs.
    Cardinal Craze Annual back-to-school fair each August for all families in Eudora Schools. Includes paperwork, fee payment and information about student and family services, activities and opportunities.
    Common Core Academic standards adopted by the Kansas Board of Education as the Kansas College and Career Ready Standards. Click here to learn more.
    Co-op East Central Kansas Cooperative in Education. Provides special education services in the Eudora, Baldwin and Wellsville districts.
    CCR (College/Career Readiness) A central feature of Kansas College and Career Ready Standards. In Eudora Schools, we believe that college/career readiness begins in the earliest grades and is built upon vital academic, social and emotional skills.
    DCCCA Based out of Lawrence, this partner in The Bridge provides services to help prevent and treat abuse of alcohol, tobacco and other drugs.
    ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) Academic support and services for students learning English
    *EPR (Eudora Parks and Recreation) City of Eudora department dedicated to programs to serve the community, including recreation, before- and after-school care, and special events.
    Extended Learning Special education program for gifted students coordinated in partnership with the East Central Cooperative in Education
    Family Resource Center Family Resource Center (FRC), located in Eudora Elementary School, serves families with students of all ages through a lending library, programs and activities
    FERPA Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act is a Federal law that protects the privacy of student education records.
    Guided Reading Program at Eudora Elementary allowing each student to learn to read at his or her individual pace and level.
    IEP (Individualized Education Program) Students who qualify for special education services of any kind have an IEP that is reviewed regularly by a team of school professionals and the student's parent(s).
    Kansas College and Career Ready Standards The local term for Common Core standards, as adopted by the Kansas Board of Education, which affect curriculum, instruction and assessment. Click here to learn more.
    KCA / KSA (Kansas Computerized Assessments / Kansas State Assessments) Standardized exams used to measure student progress.
    KELPA (Kansas English Language Proficiency Assessment) All ESOL students take this exam annually to determine their level of English proficiency.
    Kindergarten Roundup A series of parent meetings and student screenings that take place each April for students entering kindergarten in the fall. Contact Eudora Elementary for dates and information.
    KSDE (Kansas State Department of Education) State agency that governs all K-12 public education in Kansas.
    KSHSAA (Kansas State High School Activities Association) sometimes pronounced "kay-sha" State association that governs school-based athletics and activities in Kansas.
    LEP (Limited English Proficiency) Each ESOL student has an LEP plan, similar to an IEP. (See glossary entry above for more information about an IEP.)
    Lockdown Lockdowns are one type of procedure in our schools designed to keep students safe during an emergency. Click here to learn about our procedures — and to find out how you can support our response in a crisis.
    MTSS (Multi-Tiered Systems of Support) A district-wide system to help deliver the academic and behavioral support that students need to be successful, where and when they need it.
    PAT (Parents as Teachers) Early learning program for children age birth to three and their parents. Contact the district office for more information.
    PBS (Positive Behavior Supports) The system adopted by our district to teach students appropriate behavior, reinforce good behavior and identify and solve small problems before they become serious.
    PowerSchool Online system that records student assignments, grades and attendance. For parents, PowerSchool can be a powerful tool to help monitor student progress. Click here for more information.
    PTO (Parent-Teacher Organization) Supports families and teachers in grades K-5.
    Quest After-school program sponsored by Eudora Schools for elementary students. More information is available by contacting the Eudora Elementary School office.
    SEL (Social/emotional learning) This educational component, including behavior, mental wellness and social skills, is a critical component of how Eudora students learn and grow. Click here for more information.
    SIT (Student Improvement Team) SIT teams are designed to focus on individual student challenges, including academic, behavioral, and/or social/emotional development.
    SOAR Safe, Outstanding, Accountable and Respectful -- SOAR represents the district-wide behavior system that supports a positive school culture. Click here for more information about how SOAR works in each school.
    SPED (special education) Special education services in Eudora Schools are delivered through a partnership with the East Central Kansas Cooperative in Education.
    WEBS Special education program that serves elementary, middle and high school students with behavior disorders. Click here or contact the special education co-op for more information.
    Zone After-school program sponsored by Eudora Schools for middle school students. More information is available by contacting the Eudora Middle School office.