Cardinals SOAR at Eudora Elementary!

  • At a glance...


    SOAR is a positive system of discipline based on age appropriate and consistent consequences.


    • SOAR creates an atmosphere on consistency between schools and families
    • SOAR at EES provides the foundation for which children will begin a "life learning" process that they will carry with them whether transitioning to schools in our district or out of district
    • Students, parents and staff will know upon entering the building what our SOAR expectations are


    When everyone knows the expectations for a community, it creates an even playing field where all can play. Just like in a city, we learn what is acceptable, and we learn the part each individual can plays in making it run smoothly. Our schools are the same! SOAR helps create a system where every student and staff member learns and understands their responsibility for creating and maintaining a great learning environment.

    SOAR is a school-wide system that has a common approach to discipline. It establishes a positive school culture in which pro-social student behaviors are taught and reinforced, and all adults respond to the occurrence of problem behavior in a consistent manner.


    This system is the behavioral component of the Multi-Tiered Systems of Support (MTSS) that is supported by the State of Kansas to help identify interventions for individual students so that they can receive the most appropriate education.


    If you would like to learn more about our SOAR system, please feel free to contact your child's school so that we can answer your questions.



Terms to Know

  • SOAR: Our district’s program designed to create a community in each school that is Safe, Outstanding, Accountable and Respectful.


    SOAR card: Students meeting behavior expectations often will receive a SOAR card that can be entered in a prize drawing.


    Minor: Disciplinary issue that is handled in the classroom (for example, tardy, inappropriate language, disrespect)


    Major: Disciplinary issue that requires an office referral (for example, hitting, cheating, bullying)


    PBIS: Positive Behavior Interventions and Support, a national program to teach appropriate student behavior

What to say when...

  • When your child gets a SOAR card...

    Ask what was happening when he or she SOAR’ed. Then follow up with any of these types of responses:I’m so proud of you!

    • What a great choice!
    • It sounds like you were setting a good example.
    • It sounds like you were very helpful.
    • That shows you were really working hard/paying attention/doing your best.

    When your child gets a minor or a major...

    It’s a great chance to reflect and learn! Calmly ask what your child was doing when he or she got a minor or major. Then help guide your child’s learning by following up with these types of responses:

    • Hmm, that doesn’t sound like the (kind/helpful/cooperative/respectful/etc.) kid I know you are.
    • Was something bothering you (angry/frustrated/bored/tired/hungry/nervous/etc.) when you made that choice?
    • What could you do differently next time?
    • Always remember that you can turn your day around, no matter what. Look for ways to SOAR with good choices.
    • Tomorrow will be a better day!