Making the most of parent-teacher conferences

  • Parent-teacher conferences are the perfect opportunity for parents and teachers to connect to discuss a student's progress, including areas where a student excels and areas where extra support may be helpful.


    Eudora Schools offers conferences for all students every year in October, toward the end of the first academic quarter. Dates and times of October conferences in each school are available on the district calendar or by contacting the school office.


    While formal conference dates and times can be helpful, parents are ALWAYS encouraged to e-mail or call a teacher to request an informal conference at any time. Whether to address concerns, request information or ask questions, parent-teacher conferences are the most effective way to work together to support a student.


    Conference scheduling & format
    The October conferences are scheduled differently at the elementary and secondary levels.


    • Eudora Elementary: Parents of elementary students will have a set time to meet with the teacher. These appointments, which usually last approximately 15 minutes, are scheduled a few weeks before the conference dates, and every effort is made to accommodate parents' scheduling requests.
    • Eudora Middle School and Eudora High School: Teachers are available throughout the scheduled conference times, and parents are invited to meet with teachers at any point during this time. Typically, parents will meet with high school teachers individually, although requests can be made to meet with more than one teacher at a time if there is a concern or question that would best be addressed in a larger group setting.


    Helpful tips for parents
    Preparation is key to making the most of a parent-teacher conference. Check out Tips for Parents: Parent-Teacher Conferences, from The Learning Community, for some great advice on making sure your next parent-teacher conference is a positive, productive experience

What's everyone's role?

    • Parent: The parent is a child's first, and most important, teacher. As a parent, you see your child in a wide range of settings and often understand, better than anyone else, what makes him or her unique and special. These characteristics are important to understanding a student's strengths and challenges at school.
    • Teacher: The teacher has an important point of view about a student's experience — academic, behavioral, social and emotional — at school. During a conference, a teacher will share progress your student is making at school in one or more of these areas. When needed, the teacher also may be able to suggest other resources in the school or with community partners to support your student's learning and growth.
    • Others: Most conferences typically involve just parents and teachers, but participation doesn't have to be limited to those people. Depending on the situation, it may be helpful to include a close family member or caregiver who is very involved in the student's life. In some cases, including the student can be a tremendous benefit to the conference. Occasionally, your child's teacher also may recommend including another teacher or professional colleague who can add a helpful perspective to the discussion.