Understanding your child's grade report

  • When you understand your child's grade report, you'll find a powerful tool that can help you support your child at school and at home. There are two types of report cards used in our district. Standards-based grade reports are used for students in kindergarten through fourth grade, and traditional format grade reports are used to report progress of students beginning in fifth grade until graduation.

    First-quarter grade reports are shared at parent-teacher conferences in October. Grade reports for the other grading periods are provided online, through the PowerSchool parent portal.


    Standards-based grade reports (grades K-4)

    Standards-based grade reporting emphasizes learning over earning. Standards are specific areas of learning -- knowledge, skills and abilities -- that are evaluated by grade level and quarter. Your child typically has many opportunities to practice and demonstrate his or her understanding of specific standards during the year. When standards are revisited in the classroom, your child also is able to develop deeper connections to the content and the application of skills.

    Classroom teachers assign the mark for standards-based grade reporting based on your child's progress toward each of the grade level's standards. Teachers use careful observation, student work, discussion, projects, performance tasks, quizzes and summative assessments to assign the mark. This grading system allows teachers to keep track of exactly what your child has already learned, but it also gives you valuable information about the academic and developmental areas where your child would benefit from more help and practice.

    Students in third and fourth grade will also receive traditional letter grades in language arts, mathematics, science and social studies, in order to help introduce students and families to the grading systems used at Eudora Middle School and Eudora High School.

    Students will be given one of the following marks for each standard area:

    • M - Mastery
      If marked with an M, your child is working at the mastery level for the standard as required for the grade level in the current quarter. Your child grasps, applies and extends the key concepts, processes, and skills for the grade level.
    • P - Progressing
      If marked with a P, your child is progressing toward the standards as required for the grade level. Your child demonstrates progress but shows incomplete and/or inconsistent understanding and application of grade level concepts. Your child, with some errors, is beginning to grasp and apply the key concepts, processes and skills for the grade level.
    • R - Remediation
      If marked with an R, your child shows an emerging awareness of concepts and skills but consistently needs help and support to understand the foundational content, skills and concepts taught. He or she needs remediation and significant practice to reach mastery.
    • -- - Not assessed
      If marked with --, your child was not assessed on this standard during the quarter.

    Here are the standards that are evaluated in each grade level:

  • Traditional grade reports (grades 5-12)


    A traditional style of grade report is used to show progress of students beginning in fifth grade and are listed by subject area. These grade reports include grades of A, B, C, D and F. They also include attendance and absence information, as well as the GPA, or grade point average.