Request to Appear

  • A formal and complete request form (electronic or printed) must be submitted to the board clerk (Amanda Brunkow) or superintendent of schools, at least 7 (seven) days before the meeting at which you wish to speak. Your request will be reviewed and one of three recommendations will be made:

    1. Appearance before the board at the next regular meeting.
    2. Appearance before the board in executive session.
    3. Referral of your request to the appropriate administrator.

    Permission to appear before the board at a regular meeting is subject to the following:

    • Presentations shall not exceed 5 (five) minutes.
    • Subject matter, other than policy issues, will be referred to district administrators.
    • Comments shall be limited to issues and not refer to personalities.
    • Presentations must be in good taste befitting the occasion and the dignity of the school board meeting.
    • Typed copy or an outline of your presentation must be included with this request form.

    Note: The Board of Education policy BCBI does not apply to special board meetings unless the special meeting is a public hearing.

    Fill out the online form to make your request.

    If you prefer to complete and submit a printed form, you may download a copy here.