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    Eudora Schools is committed to providing new professionals with support and guidance necessary to a successful start of a teaching career. Building-level colleague mentors are assigned to all new teachers who are in their first or second year of teaching. To apply for a paid colleague mentor position, contact your building principal.

    Licensure information (professional license) 

    Last updated 5/8/2019

    Teachers must renew their professional license with the Kansas State Department of Education every five years. 

    You may submit a license renewal six months prior to your license expiration date.

    As of November 2014, some staff members will need to submit fingerprints for a background check. Go to the license lookup at KSDE to determine if you need to submit a background check. 

    1. Look at your current license. It states the requirements you need to meet to renew your license. For staff renewing a professional license, determine how many points you need to acquire:

    • with a bachelor's degree, you need to have 160 professional development points with at least 80 of those coming from college courses. (1 college credit = 20 PD points)
    • with an advanced degree, you need to have 120 professional development points. There are no college course requirements.

    2. Make sure all point requests have been submitted for approval through the PDP Toolbox. 

    If you are using college classes as part of the renewal, those courses must be converted to PD points in the toolbox and official college transcripts must be submitted to the state.

    3. Once all point requests are in and have been approved, you can begin the application process. This is an online process.

    a. Create an account with KSDE, complete the appropriate form and submit it.

    b. Let the Eudora Human Resource Director know that you have submitted an application. Make sure that person has all official transcripts of college courses that you are using to renew a license.

    c. The human resource director will upload your PDP Toolbox transcript and any necessary official college transcripts.

    d. You should receive an email from KSDE when all documents have been uploaded with directions for fee payment.

    4. Once you have your new license, please send an electronic copy to the human resource director.