Health Insurance

  • steth The Eudora School District offers a comprehensive health insurance plan to all eligible employees.  To be eligible to participate in the district's health insurance plan, you must work a minimum of 20 hours per week.  All employees who are currently contributing to KPERS are required to have health insurance coverage through the district, or provide proof of coverage elsewhere.  All employees who are covered under the negotiated agreement are required to participate in the district's health insurance plan, or provide proof of coverage under a spouse's plan.  



Health Defined Benefit

  • Each year, the rate of the employer health defined benefit is negotiated. Currently, that amount is $450 towards any plan.  If the amount of your premium is less than the health defined benefit, you may use the excess amount to apply towards your dental and vision benefits.  The Eudora School District also has a comprehensive wellness plan.  Incentives may be earned to help decrease the cost of your monthly premiums.  For more information on the wellness plan, visit the employee wellness portion of the website.  Our plan year runs from October 1st-September 30th.  Open enrollment for the district's cafeteria plan, including health insurance occurs during the month of August.  If an employee does not enroll in coverage during the open enrollment, the employee must have a qualifying event in order to enroll.  If you think you may be eligible to enroll in benefits due to a change in life circumstances, please contact Amy Shanks.  


    BCBSKS CMS Notice of Disclosure for the plan year 2020-2021

    The documents below are the confirmation of information sent to the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) for employer plans with prescription drug coverage. Each year we will notify CMS that the plans being offered are either creditable or non-creditable. Entities are required to notify Medicare eligible policyholders and their dependents whether their prescription drug coverage is creditable (coverage is expected to pay on average as much as the standard Medicare prescription drug coverage) or non-creditable. 

    BCBSKS Disclosure

    Confirmation of CMS Disclosure: HDHP Plan 3

    Confirmation of CMS Disclosure: Option 2

    Confirmation of CMS Disclosure: Option 1



    If you leave employment with the district any time during the plan year, you may be eligible to receive COBRA benefits.  For COBRA information, and to determine how much you would pay in premiums, please see Amy Shanks.  For your rights and responsibilities under COBRA, you can visit the dol website.    


  • Navigating the health insurance industry can be confusing.  This section will provide employees with usefull tools to assist them in accessing their benefits in the most cost efficent way.


    Blue Access


    Find out what your medical costs will be before you visit the doctor and compare costs by accessing Blue Access.  


    Good Rx


    Good Rx is website that is dedicated to finding the lowest priced prescriptions.  The service is free and can also be downloaded as an app.  Good Rx



Benefit Enrollment


    Employees that are eligible for benefits have access to Employee Navigator for enrollment in benefits as well as viewing their benefit plans throughout the plan year.  To access Employee Navigator, click here: Employee Navigator


    Refer to page 3 in your Benefits Plan Overview for login information.  


    For detailed information on Eudora's benefits package, click on the link below.



    2021-2022 Eudora Benefits Overview 

Leave Bank

  • Non-Licensed Staff Members

    sick emoji  

    There may be times when employees will require more leave than they have accumulated.  The sick leave bank was created to assist non-licensed employees during these times.  See the employment policy handbook for more information on this policy and how to contribute and request leave days.  


    Click here to access form to request or contribute leave

Lactating Employees

  • The Eudora School District is dedicated to providing assistance to nursing mothers who wish to lactate during normal working hours.  Please see human resources for more information on what is provided.  Below are some helpful resources.


    Guide to Breastfeeding

Benefit Resources

  • This page contains resources for Eudora employees who are enrolled in benefits.


    Mutual of Omaha Online Portal

    Employees who are enrolled in any benefits offered through Mutual of Omaha may enroll online to view claim information as well as file new claims.  For further information, click here

    Nuesynergy: Medical and Dependent Care Flexible Spending Accounts

    Employees may access their information online by registering for an online account or downloading the Nuesynergy App.  For instructions, click here.

Employee Assistance Program

  • Beginning with the 2019-2020 school year, employees of Eudora School District will have access to Mutual Of Omaha's Employee Assistance Program (EAP).  The purpose of an EAP is to assist employees and their eligible dependents with a wide range of personal and job-related concerns.  For more information, contact Amy Shanks, Director of Human Resources at