Monitoring the Social-Emotional Growth of Students

  • We use a few different tools to monitor the social-emotional growth of our students. The tools allow us to tailor our teaching to address specific areas, such as bullying or alcohol use, and to provide additional support for building social-emotional skills.


    Just as we use PowerSchool to record grades and monitor student progress, the CARDonline allows our employees to submit "major" and "minor" behavior incidents as part of our Positive Behavior Supports system. Schools and grade level teams can then make data-based decisions, such as which behavioral skills to re-teach. The CARDonline also also helps prevent a student from "falling through the cracks" by providing the needed support, especially during the course of the day when he or she may be with several different teachers. Our employees will follow up and work with you if there are problematic trends in attendance, behavior or other areas.


    The Communities that Care survey is given to students in the 6th, 8th, 10th and 12th grades. The results of this anonymous survey are processed in a way to make them scientifically reliable and accurate. Click here for the Douglas County survey results.