Curriculum at Eudora Schools: What We Teach

  • What is curriculum?
    A school district's curriculum refers to what is taught to students in each subject area, every year a student is in school. Curriculum is different from instruction, which is how a subject is taught. With a well-designed curriculum, teachers can select their favorite teaching strategies from a wide range of best practices to teach the students in their classroom. The third piece of the academic equation is assessment, which is how we measure what students have learned and where more work is needed.


    How is our school district's curriculum written?
    Our district's curriculum is developed through a formal collaboration between teachers across grade levels. Throughout the curriculum writing process, work is done to be sure that our local curriculum supports the Kansas State Standards for all subject areas. Teachers meet in a subject area committee, or SACs, to determine what needs to be taught to students, and in what grade, so that all of the state standards are met.


    Once the SAC has developed a curriculum for the subject area, it must be approved by the district's Curriculum Coordinating Council, or CCC, and then by the Eudora Board of Education. 


    Kansas College and Career Ready Standards
    When the Kansas state standards change, our local curriculum must also change. As a result, our district is currently in a multi-year implementation process for Kansas College and Career Ready Standards, the local term for Common Core standards adopted by the Kansas Board of Education in October 2010.

    As implementation of KCCRS continues in our district, Eudora teachers and administrators are revising the local curriculum to reflect the new sets of standards. Work is also underway to establish new assessments to monitor student learning within the updated curriculum. Click here to read more about KCCRS in Eudora Schools.


    Subject areas
    Math and English/language arts are the two subject areas most directly affected by the implementation of Kansas College and Career Ready Standards. This process requires that teacher committees review the most recent district curricula in these subjects and align them to Common Core standards. With the state's adoption of new science and social studies standards, the process is beginning for Eudora teachers to write and adopt a new curriculum by the end of 2016.


    Kansas leaders currently are working on revising standards for science and social studies. As these new standards are approved, Eudora teachers will begin the process for writing and approving our district's science and social studies curriculum documents.


    Our other content areas, including health, P.E., technology, foreign language, fine arts and others, are aligned with the current Kansas state standards. We also have a curriculum that was written and adopted to ensure students build social-emotional skills. These teachers in these subject area committees meet every few years to review and revise curriculum, as necessary.


    More information
    Please contact your child's teacher or school principal if you would like more information about a certain subject area or grade level.