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Mr. Ron Abel

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Bachelor of Science in Education - Emporia State University Master of Science - Educational Leadership Pittsburg State University

Mr. Ron Abel



Dear Cardinal Students,

Welcome to Eudora High School!

Whether you are new to the building or a returning veteran, we hope the 2020-21 school year is one of great learning and growth. Great experiences and opportunity will occur within our classrooms as well as during the activities you participate in throughout the year. I encourage you to take full advantage of these many opportunities, and challenge yourself to be engaged with the staff and your peers. 

Regardless of your intellectual abilities, athletic skills, or artistic talent, you have something of value to share with our school. Don't be satisfied with doing the minimum, but embrace the fact that the world needs your contribution. You can have a positive impact on this country's future, but also on the many other lives you come in contact with on a daily basis. Developing your capacity to think & solve problems is a skill every human being needs in this world. I want you to stretch beyond what is easy or comfortable, and really try hard to meet lofty goals you will set for yourself and even others that participate with you. Being a positive and energetic person will most definitely make Eudora High a better place for all that enter the building. Be confident in your abilities, but also know the staff here at EHS is happy to help you achieve or even overcome setbacks or failure. Know that there is also a right way to do things. We expect our students to uphold the value that all people deserved to be treated with dignity and respect. If you have participated in behavior with the intent to harm others, whether that be physically or emtionally, those types of actions are wrong. Doing the right thing is always the better choice.

We want you to leave your experience here at Eudora High confident to be a full participant in the adult world! Whether you enter the working environment or seek a post-secondary education, YOU WILL BE READY! As a future graduate of EHS, know it is expected of you to engage and participate in the learning process, and grow through the coursework and relationships you'll develop everyday you attend school here. 

I enjoy being a Eudora Cardinal myself. I hope you will feel the same during this school year! The EHS staff wishes you the best in the fulfillment of your dreams. Remember you can achieve lofty goals if you’re willing to work hard and are committed to completing the efforts required. All staff here at Eudora High School will do their best to help you reach your dreams!


Ron Abel, Principal