Online Enrollment is NOW open for 2020-2021!

  • Eudora families can now complete enrollment and back-to-school procedures for the 2020-2021 school year with all the convenience and flexibility that online enrollment offers. PowerSchool Enrollment and eFunds for Schools allows parents and guardians to securely update information, fill out paperwork and pay fees, day or night, from any location. Online enrollment and online payment saves our families valuable time -- and saves our district valuable resources.


Returning Families

  • If your student in preschool through 12th grade attended Eudora Schools last year, or you participated in pre-enrollment during Kindergarten Roundup 2020 please follow the steps listed below to enroll your student(s) for the 2020-2021 school year:

    1. Log onto the PowerSchool Parent Portal.

    2. Select the tab on the top of the parent portal screen for the student you wish to enroll.

    3. Select the enrollment icon on the left side menu.

    4. When prompted, enter the date of birth for the student being enrolled.

    5. Click continue to begin.

    6. Please take your time to read through and complete each section of the enrollment process.

    7. Repeat Steps #2 through #6 for each student being enrolled.

    8. Once you have completed the enrollment process for each student, you may proceed to make online payments toward student and class fees using the district online payment system eFunds for SchoolsClick here to learn more about the online payment process.

    9. Should your child require a prescription medication to be given at school, or has medically-necessary food substitution needs you will need to return the appropriate form for each student with a doctor's signature.  Click here to access those forms, which require a doctor's signature.

    10. All forms requiring a parent/guardian signature are taken care of during online enrollment.  There are no forms that require the student to sign and return.


New Families

  • If your student will be in kindergarten through 12th grade and did NOT attend Eudora Schools last year and you did not participate in kindergarten roundup 2020, here is what you will do to enroll your student for 2020-2021:

    1. Please complete the new student pre-enrollment form.
    2. New Student enrollment will be by appointment only by contacting the school your student will be attending.
    3. Prior to your scheduled appointment please collect the following documentation to bring with you.
      1. Proof of up-to-date immunizations
        Immunizations must be on record at the school before a student is allowed to attend. Students new to a Kansas school also must complete a physical health assessment with a medical doctor. Click here to download our New Student Health Assessment form.

      2. Certified copy of the student birth certificate.
        At the time of enrollment, the parent/guardian must provide a certified birth certificate copy for each student. Alternately, a Proof of Identity form may be presented at the time of enrollment, allowing 30 days for the parent/guardian to present the certified copy of the student's birth certificate. Click here to download our Proof of Identity form.

      3. Grade card or check out sheet.
        A grade card from the previous school is helpful at enrollment time to determine appropriate classes for each student. If enrolling in the middle of the year, a check-out sheet from the previous school must be presented to document both proper check-out and status of grades at the time of check-out.

      4. Divorce Decree.
        If the student's parents are divorced, present a copy of the section that states who has custody and who has residential custody. Without this documentation, the district must assume that both parents have equal parental rights.

      5. Guardianship documentation.
        If the student is not living with the parent who has legal custody, guardianship papers must be submitted and notarized before any further enrollment takes place. This will need to be resubmitted each year.

      6. Residence verification.
        In order to verify district residence, parents or guardians must provide a document showing Eudora residency. If you are moving into Eudora and your home and/or living quarters will not be ready until after your student needs to start school, you must apply for "Out of District" status. This requires a non-refundable $100 per student application fee and a completed out of district application prior to being considered for administrative approval.

      7. Family financial documents,
        If you wish to apply for the federal Child Nutrition Program. This program offers free or reduced meals to qualifying families with financial need. Qualifying families also may qualify for reductions on certain school district fees.


Preschool Families

Help & Support

  • If you need technical assistance with online enrollment

    Please send an e-mail to the enrollment team at, or call 785-542-4902.  The enrollment team office hours are 7:00 A.M. to 4:30 P.M., Monday through Thursday and 7:00 A.M. to 11:00 A.M., Friday.


    Out-of-district approval

    If you started to enroll but were told you needed to wait on approval as an out-of-district family, be sure you have paid the non-refundable $100 out of district (OOD) application fee for each student. If you haven't paid your OOD application fee, payment is accepted during regular business hours at the Eudora Schools district office.  This should be completed as soon as possible to allow you time to complete enrollment by the July 31 deadline.  If your application fee has been paid and your application has been approved you will be cleared to complete the online enrollment process.


    Per USD 491 Board Policy, out of district (non-resident), students may seek out of district enrollment status each year pending adequate staff, facilities, equipment, and supplies. Additionally, other factors, including but not limited to prior grades, attendance records, and discipline records, will be considered prior to approving a student's out of district request for enrollment.


    Returning out of district (non-resident) students will be evaluated annually in the following areas: academic progress, regular and punctual attendance, and compliance with our student behavior expectations. Students may be approved or denied continual enrollment based on these factors. Should the student have a disability, the student’s ability to meet these expectations shall be considered prior to the denial of continued enrollment in the district. Notification will be made to parents prior to July 1 of each year.


    To access the full Eudora Board Policy on Enrollment (JBC), click here.



    Fees and payments


    Back-to-school / enrollment questions


    Contact your student's school for information about student orientation programs, school supply lists, class schedules, locker assignments, special needs, or out-of-district application status:

      • West Resource Center (PreK): 785-542-4920
      • Eudora Elementary School (K-5): 785-542-4940
      • Eudora Middle School (6-8): 785-542-4960
      • Eudora High School (9-12): 785-542-4980
      • Eudora Schools District Office: 785-542-4910