Purchasing & Grants

  • Making a purchase with district funds 

    Here are the forms and information you will need to make purchases through district accounts. For more information about the procedure to follow, check with your building's head secretary or your supervisor.


    Purchase orders

    How to Place a Requisition for a Purchase Order:

    1. Log in to Talent Ed Records by clicking here
    2. Click on Blank Docs
    3. Click on Requisition and complete the E-Form
    4. When the Requisition E-Form is complete-print or save a pdf copy for your records prior to submitting the final document for approval through the workflow process.  
    5. Click on save final to submit your Requisition through the workflow process
    6. You will receive an email confirmation of any action taken on your purchase order
    7. Your order is complete when you have received your final order and approve the final Requisition.


    Grants and donations

    Employees are encouraged to seek grant funding that can help support the educational mission of our district. A completed Grant Request Approval Form is required before submitting any grant application or proposal. Please plan accordingly.


    If you are interested in using a crowd funding site (e.g., DonorsChoose or KickStarter), please contact your principal before you set up any requests so that proper approvals and arrangements can be made within the district system.


    If you have coordinated a donation of supplies or money, it must be approved by the Eudora Board of Education. Please work with your building principal or supervisor to submit this information for the board's consideration.