Hello Families of Eudora Elementary School,


    We are so thankful that you are a part of the community of EES! It is a privilege to work alongside you and our staff to create a fun and welcoming learning environment for the children of Eudora. I had the honor of teaching both second and fourth grades at EES before becoming assistant principal in 2013. Previously, I had taught seventh and eighth grade Spanish and Social Studies, as well as serving as children’s ministries director at our church prior to teaching in Eudora. I hold a Bachelor’s degree in both Elementary and Middle Education, as well as a Master’s degree in Education Administration, both from the University of Kansas.


    At Eudora Elementary, we are blessed with a staff who works hard to best serve our students, and makes our school a fun, friendly, safe, and challenging learning environment where children are valued, feel valued, and anticipate returning to EES day after day. With your help, our goal every day is to be a positive and caring influence in children's lives, impacting what kind of citizen, worker, parent, and spouse they will be someday.


    We encourage you to get involved in your child’s education, so don’t be a stranger! Your participation and support is vital to the success of our children and their education. You are welcome to volunteer and to be a part of the many activities and exciting events at EES. Always feel free to contact us at any time with questions, concerns, and suggestions, as we welcome your feedback and help.




    Mr. Seth Heide