Instruction at Eudora Schools: How We Teach

  • Instruction is the second piece of academics, where we use curriculum (what we teach) to determine HOW we teach. The third piece, assessments, help show us how well students are learning and what additional work needs to be done.


    While curriculum and assessment are coordinated on a district level, instruction is the most likely to be influenced by a teacher's own style. Our district's teachers have completed extensive training in college and through continuing education to understand the best practices of education. They also are mentored and supervised by building principals and other administrators, to be certain that their instructional practices are effective for their students' learning.


    In all grade levels, teachers use evidence-based strategies to teach and reinforce each student's positive behavior, growth and development, as a part of their academic instruction. These "soft" skills, such as cooperation, perseverance, communication and critical thinking, have an enormous positive effect on a student's academic success.


    If you have questions about a specific instructional practice being used, please contact your child's teacher or principal.