Assessment: How We Measure Student Progress

  • Assessments are one of the three pieces of the academic equation. Curriculum is what we teach, instruction is how we teach, and assessments are how we measure what students have learned.


    Teachers give assessments as a regular part of their instruction. From pre-tests and quizzes to unit tests and semester exams, assessments are a valuable tool to show teachers which concepts need more time, or which students might benefit from some extra help.

    Kansas State Assessments

    State assessments are standardized tests used to measure students' progress toward mastering state standards in reading, math, science and social studies. Different subject areas are tested in different grade levels. 

    • Reading and math are assessed every year for every student in grades three through eight and to high school students in tenth grade.
    • Science is assessed annually at the state level in grades five, eight and 11.
    • Social studies state assessments are given to students in grades six, eight and 11.


    Other tools to monitor student learning

    • AIMSweb is an assessment tool designed to help us identify children who are having trouble learning basic early literacy and math skills. Identifying these students helps us provide support as early as possible, which helps prevent reading difficulties later in school.
    • The traditional ACT college entrance exam is recommended for 11th graders who are interested in going to a four-year college, although no students are discouraged from taking it. EHS offers a semester-long ACT preparation elective course that helps provide students support before taking the exam.
    • Academic progress is not the only thing we measure — a student's social and emotional growth is equally important to their development as a successful student and individual. We use a standard assessment tool to identify students who need extra support in developing the social, emotional or behavioral skills that are fundamental to success in school and life.