Early Childhood Programs

  • Parents as Teachers

    Parents as Teachers is a national program for children age birth to three, that equips parents with the tools they need to tap into their child's natural ability to learn. Participants in PAT enjoy regular play groups and activities, as well as one-on-one home visits for a truly individualized focus on the child's stages of development. The program also includes basic vision, hearing, and developmental screenings at the different critical stages.

    For more information about becoming involved in the Eudora Parents as Teachers program, contact Lindsey Brock, the Eudora Parent Educator: 540-319-1966


    tiny-Kpreschool student

    Free developmental screenings for infants and toddlers (birth to three) are now being offered at Eudora Elementary on the first Friday of each month, provided by tiny-K Early Intervention of Douglas County. Find out more about how your child is moving, communicating, playing, and more! 

    To reserve a place, call tiny-K at 785-843-3059.



    The preschool offered through the Eudora Early Childhood Program is designed to meet the needs of a variety of children, including special education and at risk. The program also has typically developing peers who serve as models demonstrating age-appropriate skills and behaviors. 


    Developmental screenings
    This is an opportunity to see where your child’s skills are in comparison to other children his/her age. Participating in the screening is not an indication that there are serious concerns; rather it is that more information may be needed. At the screening, children are asked to perform tasks that measure development of:

    • Cognition (matching, counting, and problem solving)
    • Speech and language (how they understand and use language)
    • Motor skills (writing, balance, and coordination)

    In addition, the school nurse will perform a vision and hearing screening. 


    Screenings are also used to identify children whose circumstances may qualify them for at-risk services through the Eudora Early Childhood Program preschool. These circumstances, as determined by the state of Kansas, include: 

    • Qualify for free lunch program 
    • Single parent household
    • SRS referral for preschool participation
    • One or both parents were under age 20 when the child was born
    • One or both parents lack a high school diploma or GED
    • Limited English language skills
    • Child qualifies for migrant status
    • Delayed developmentally or academically, including cognitive, social, physical, communication, emotional, behavioral and self-help skills


    During the screening, each child's parent will meet with a member of the early childhood screening team; this is an opportunity for parents to share details about how the child is developing at home and in social settings.


    When the student screening and parent session are complete, the parent will have a short meeting to learn the results of the screenings, and the recommendations of the screening team. If the child qualifies for the preschool, or for further screening, the parent will begin the enrollment process for preschool attendance. If the child does not qualify, the parent will be sent information about being added to the waiting list for peer model openings, as they become available.


    Parental consent is required in order for a child to be screened. Click here to download the permission form to fill out.


    For more information about the Eudora Early Childhood Program preschool, or if you believe your child would benefit from a screening, call the Eudora Early Childhood office at 785-542-4920.

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