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Remote Learning Plan

Dear Early Childhood and Elementary Parents and Guardians,

Below you will find information for those families who have chosen the 100% Remote Only parent choice option. 


  • Families who choose this model for one or more children in their family will be a part of the Eudora School District and can participate in extracurricular activities and sports.
  • Families that select this as their option of choice will need to have reliable internet accessibility.
  • All communication, instruction, assignments, assessments, and interactions will take place between a Eudora School District teacher and the student/parent via the internet.  Google Classroom will be the platform used.
  • The state has identified that each student in this model will need to maintain the 1116 hours as mandated by the Kansas Department of Education.  This means that elementary students will need to log 6.5 hours of educational content assigned by the teacher daily. Students in the Early Childhood Program will need to log 190 minutes of educational content assigned by the teacher daily. Parents will be completing this log daily based on what the teacher had assigned. This is how the teachers, parents, and students will be held accountable by KSDE for what was done remotely. 
  • Each student in this model will need to have daily contact with the teacher to maintain attendance and accountability. However, teachers will be connecting with students multiple times throughout the day to ensure a more engaging and rigorous educational experience. Teachers will not be teaching live for the full 6.5 hours of time.
  • Our grading policy will maintain a high level of expectations.  This will replicate what is normally done in the classroom.  
  • It is important to understand that attendance and grading are not the same thing.  
  • We ask that adults assisting the students not provide the answers for the student, but instead are there to provide structure and guidance.
  • Students in the primary grades will need continuous adult guidance and support.   
  • Information will be coming out from the assigned remote teacher about getting materials needed and initiating the school year.
  • The designated time of 6.5 hours each day does not mean 6.5 of screen time solely.  Below are some examples of the components that the teacher may utilize to fulfill the designated time. This is not an exhaustive list of what may be utilized.
    • 20 minutes - Watch a video on a topic being studied in science - Exploring our Senses
    • 35 minutes - For each of the five senses, find five things throughout your house to demonstrate the use of each
    • 15 minutes - Read a book of your choice
    • 15 minutes - Watch a video prepared by the teacher to demonstrate regrouping in math
    • 15 minutes - Complete the 10 problems listed to demonstrate your understanding for regrouping
    • 15 minutes - Read the story “My Sister, Jane” through the link provided by the teacher
    • 15 minutes - Identify the characters, setting, and main idea within the story, “My Sister, Jane” and submit it through Google Classroom
    • 30 minutes - Watch the video about communities
    • 20 minutes - Based on the video about communities, start brainstorming things you want to include in a community you are going to create
    • 90 minutes - Create your community using your creativity
    • 15 minutes - Watch the video of the teacher introducing and breaking down the spelling words
    • 15 minutes - Find a creative way to spell out each of the words (play doh, cheerios, shaving cream, etc.) 
    • 10 minutes - Zoom meeting with the teacher to ask questions or review topics of the day
    • 50 minutes - Specials (Art, Library, PE, Music, Computers - these will be on a rotation)

Remote Teachers

Our remote teachers for each grade level are listed below.

Early Childhood - Julie Burk

Kindergarten - Kelly Mulvihill

First Grade - Bre Burks

Second Grade - Amber Jackson

Third Grade - Staci Mann

Fourth Grade - Teresa Forck

Fifth Grade - Lindsay Frank


Thank you for the continued support as we develop our procedures.  If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to the administration to provide you with answers.

Susan Tinich, Principal

Seth Heide, Assistant Principal

Keith Wohlgemuth, Assistant Principal