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Early Childhood Safety Protocols

Dear Early Childhood Parents and Guardians,

The majority of our communication with families tonight will be based around safety procedures put into place.  

Students coming into the building: 

  • Bus Riders: Students riding the bus will have their temperature taken before getting on the bus. Students will enter the building in the front, as they have in the past.  This will be done in a staggered approach to address social distancing. Once in the building, students will be guided into the gym, where they will eat breakfast.  
  • Car Riders: Students will enter the building in the south entrance, as they have in the past.  The drop off for students can begin at 7:30. We ask that students not get out of their vehicle until asked to do so in order to maintain social distancing. Before students enter the building, temperatures will be taken by a staff member. Once in the building, students will be guided into the gym, where they will eat breakfast. 

Parents and other adults coming into the building:

  • Parents who have a scheduled meeting with a staff member or have other pertinent business that must be handled in person will report to the office.
  • Due to the fact that we are making a conscious effort to adhere to safety recommendations by the county health department, parents and visitors will not be allowed in the building beyond the office. 
  • These procedures will be put in place starting on Tuesday, September 8th and will be utilized through all phases.


  • Students may remove their masks during recess if they can maintain at least 10 ft. of distance from any other students while outside.


  • Lunch will occur in the gym.
  • Tables will be spread throughout the gym to maintain social distance.  
  • No more than two students will be at any table and will be seated diagonally from each other.  

Hand washing/Sanitizer:

  • Teachers will instruct students to regularly wash their hands every hour on the hour.  This may include using soap and water at the sink, or the use of hand sanitizer to disinfect their hands.


  • Masks must be worn at all times while in the building.
  • Teachers may take students outside to designated areas for mask breaks during the day.  Students must maintain at least 10 ft. of distance between each other outside to remove their masks. 

Water bottles:

  • Water fountains will be covered and turned off due to recommendations by the Lawrence-Douglas County Health Department.
  • We are encouraging all students to bring a water bottle labeled with their name.  
  • Water bottles will be sent home at the end of each day for cleaning.
  • Please make sure that the water bottle you send with your student has a no-spill lid/top.


  • Bus Riders: Students who ride a bus will be escorted to the bus loop by the building. Buses will follow the district shuttle and rural routes schedules. 
  • Car Riders: Students will be dismissed at the south entrance of the building as before when an identified parent/guardian arrives to pick them up. 

Transportation method: 

  • Once teachers reach out with their virtual meet the teacher presentation, please respond with your child’s mode of transportation for the first half day of school and for their normal transportation plan thereafter. 
  • The district will be communicating adjustments made to the district's bus shuttle schedule to families tomorrow evening. 

School hours: 

  • The morning session for early childhood students will begin at 7:30 and end at 10:40. The afternoon session will be 11:30-2:40.

Days in session: 

  • Our official start day for preschool will be Tuesday, September 8th. For both green and yellow phases, the morning session will be Monday through Friday. Students attending the afternoon session will attend Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday.