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Change to Hybrid

Dear Early Childhood and Elementary Parents and Guardians,

Eudora - A/B Hybrid Model

It was voted on Thursday night that our district would move to a A/B Hybrid Model. This will go into effect on Monday, September 14th. 

  • Families who do not choose the 100% remote will be in the A/B Hybrid Model.  This is also part of the Eudora School District.  Each family will be designated as either A Group or B Group.
  • Families in the A Group will be in attendance at school on Monday and Tuesday.  Families in the B Group will be in attendance at school on Thursday and Friday.  
  • Wednesdays will be a virtual day for all families.  
  • Various safety precautions will be put in place for students who are in person, some of which are listed. Staff and students will be required to wear masks and maintain social distance.  Students will eat both breakfast and lunch in their classroom.  With the exception of PE, all specials will be held in the classroom.  
  • The days that the student is not in attendance within the school (A Group=Wednesday, Thursday and Friday and B Group=Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday) they will be virtual learning.  To maintain attendance, students/parents will need to be in contact and interacting within the educational content in some capacity.  This may be turning in assignments, joining the class meeting through zoom, etc.
  • Google Classroom will be the platform used on virtual days.
  • The state has identified that each student in this model will need to maintain the 1116 hours as mandated by the Kansas Department of Education.  This means that on virtual days the students will need the equivalent of 6.5 hours of educational content assigned by the teacher daily.
  • Students participating in the live check in with the teacher will be counted as their attendance for that day. For those unable to do this, parents will need to maintain a detailed log verifying content taught and the amount of time it took to complete. This will be provided by the teacher, but will need to be maintained by the parent/guardian.
  • The designated time of 6.5 hours each day does not mean 6.5 of screen time solely.  Below are some examples of the components that the teacher may utilize to fulfill the designated time. This is not an exhaustive list of what may be utilized.
    • 20 minutes - Watch a video on topic being studied in science - Exploring our Senses
    • 35 minutes - For each of the five senses, find five things throughout your house to demonstrate the use of each
    • 15 minutes - Read a book of your choice
    • 15 minutes - Watch a video prepared by the teacher to demonstrate regrouping in math
    • 15 minutes - Complete the 10 problems listed to demonstrate your understanding for regrouping
    • 15 minutes - Read the story “My Sister, Jane” through the link provided by the teacher
    • 15 minutes - Identify the characters, setting, and main idea within the story, “My Sister, Jane” and submit it through Google Classroom
    • 30 minutes - Watch the video about communities
    • 20 minutes - Based on the video about communities, start brainstorming things you want to include in a community you are going to create
    • 90 minutes - Create your community using your creativity
    • 15 minutes - Watch the video of the teacher introducing and breaking down the spelling words
    • 15 minutes - Find a creative way to spell out each of the words (play doh, cheerios, shaving cream, etc.) 
    • 10 minutes - Zoom meeting with the teacher to ask questions or review topics of the day
    • 50 minutes - Specials (Art, Library, PE, Music, Computers)

Some of the activities created in the hybrid model may be designed around the flipped classroom model.

**Students in the Early Childhood program will complete 190 minutes.

Transportation changes

As a result of moving to the hybrid model, our transportation department will operate using the Yellow Phase Shuttle Schedule (link below).

COVID Flowchart

As situations of concern surface, the district will use the flowchart listed below to navigate in determining what steps need to be taken.