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Halloween Parade Information

We are excited to announce that our EES Halloween parade will be returning this year with some modifications on Friday, October 29th. 

  • Weather permitting, we will be moving our festivities outside with spectators allowed on the outside areas of the bus loop only. 
  • The backdoor area, bus loop, and middle of the playground open to only our children and staff. Each class will make one lap around the bus loop. 
  • Family members will need to stay in the designated areas to be able to watch and take pictures but will not be allowed beyond this point in order to keep the line moving and everyone safe. 
  • Visitors will not need to sign in inside the building for this event.
  • We will begin with the kindergarten class first at 8:30am and run each grade level after that until around 9:00. 

  • Students can still come dressed in their Halloween costumes. Masks must still be worn with costumes.
  • Your child should come to school already dressed in their costumes.  If possible, students should wear their school clothes underneath their costumes.
  • School guidelines regarding costumes include: No blood, gore, guns, knives, or weapons of any kind, no ads for alcohol or tobacco, and no face paint.  Also, no clown costumes.  Hair coloring and wigs will be allowed.  Costumes should be such that the children are “hands free.”
  • Unfortunately, we will not be allowing any visitors in the building on this day for parties this year.
  • Any food or drink items sent in need to be factory made and in individual wrapping. We still encourage healthier choices for this.
  • Thanks to our wonderful PTO, a “pumpkin patch” will be created for students within the building again this year and they will get to select a pumpkin in their pod. This will be done during the school day on Friday, October 29th as well. Pumpkins will be brought home that night.