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Promoting Student Leaders: Eudora Elementary Introduces Student Ambassadors

“When students learn to use their voice and have a meaningful dialogue about what is important to them, how various procedures and practices can improve, it is a very exciting process to see,” said Mrs. Tinich, principal of Eudora Elementary School. 


Beginning this year, a group of fourth and fifth-grade students, have an opportunity to provide this type of leadership, as Eudora Elementary Student Ambassadors. On Thursday, August 1, 2019, these student leaders met with Mrs. Tinich, along with new Eudora Elementary assistant principal, Keith Wohlgemuth, and teachers, Mrs. Decker, Mrs. Dodge, Miss Frank, Mrs. Hunchusky for an afternoon of training. Ms. Reilly, a first-grade teacher, will join the group with the school year starts as another mentor for the young ambassadors.


“Just like any other skill set, this has to be taught. For some kids it comes naturally others need a bit more coaching,” Tinich said. “It is a trait, but some it just needs to be nurtured some more.”


The first task on the Student Ambassadors list is Kinder Camp, set for August 14, 15, and 16. These young leaders will provide parents and students with building tours, as well as tips for our newest Cardinals, who are entering their kindergarten experience. The Ambassadors will also provide training to all Eudora Elementary students on school-wide behavior expectations, known as S.O.A.R. expectations, on the first few days of school.


“My hope for this program is that the students will begin to realize the impact they can have on their own path. I want the students and staff to see that they can work through a problem recognized within their school community, grade level, or even among themselves and develop a positive outcome.” Mrs. Tinich continues, “our staff, parents, and community also need to be able to see that our students can develop the tools and be a positive asset in their own growth and their educational path.”  


The vision for the Student Ambassador program goes beyond building tours and S.O.A.R. expectations. Student Ambassadors will have opportunities to have a larger impact on Eudora Elementary. During the school year, Student Ambassadors will be coached on how to effectively resolve problems. This opportunity for students to help other students will provide a solid foundation for trust and respect. 


Through this innovative approach, the development of student leadership skills, the staff has the opportunity to truly get to know the needs of their students. The Student Ambassadors program will provide a lasting experience for learning that goes beyond academics.


We want to take the top off of the traditional learning experience and meet our students where they are today,” said Tinich. “When I watch a group of students come together and take the reigns to solve a problem and their solutions are rationale and soluble, I know we have something.”