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EHS Cohort Assignments & Attendance Information

EHS Cardinal Families,

This communication is divided into two parts.  One is information connected to Hybrid Learners, immediately after this paragraph.  The other part for Remote Learners included well below.  Please move to the part of this letter that corresponds to which type of learner you have chosen for this upcoming year.


Today I am writing to you to announce that our cohort groups for the hybrid learning model have been set. This means if your child will be attending in-person classes this fall, they will be onsite at EHS using the Hybrid A/B Model (AA/R/BB for the five weekdays in a week) The attend onsite early in the week cohort (group A) will be made up of students whose last name begins with letters A-J. The attend onsite later in the week cohort (group B) will be students with last names beginning with letters K-Z. If a blended family, the cohort assignment is connected to your oldest in-district student’s last name. 

This means if your student has a last name starting with a letter from A-J your child will attend school on Monday and Tuesday of each week. If your student had a last name starting with a letter from K-Z your child will attend school on Thursday and Friday. Wednesday the building will be closed for a deep cleaning, and hybrid learners will stay off the EHS campus to complete virtual teaching lessons. On every day your child is not attending onsite school, they will be continuing with online learning that is coordinated by each of their daily class period teachers. Students will be required to check in each class period of the day during online learning. These check-ins will be explained in greater detail during our student orientation days on September 3rd for Group A cohort, and September 4th for Group B cohort. School will be dismissed on these half day orientations at 11:15AM.

When arriving at school it is important to note that the building will not open for students until 7:45AM. Students whether being dropped off or driving themselves will need to enter the building through the two main doors (office and commons area) to be temperature checked (100.3 or less) upon arrival.

A final note on the things we need students to do when arriving on-site for their orientation day and every in-person learning day going forward.  Each student will:

  1. Wear a mask anytime they are in the building. They will also wear a mask outside the building when they are in the proximity of others, while on campus or at school events.
  2. Adhere to social distancing as best as possible; this is the 6 foot rule.
  3. Practice good hygiene techniques; this includes the frequent washing of hands.
  4. Please review the COVID-19 symptoms list; if you have two or more, please stay home. Review the district webpage to find a posted listing of the known symptoms.
  5. Bus riders will enter the building from the back entrance into the commons after being dropped off there. Pickup will also be located there for bus riders at the end of the school day. (only bus riders are to be picked up at the back entrance).
  6. All students will have a temperature check completed as they enter the building.
  7. Seniors and Juniors car riders/walkers will complete checks at the Gym entrance
  8. Sophomores and Freshmen car riders/walkers will complete checks at the Office entrance. 
  9. Once the school day ends, we ask students to leave the building from their last class period using the closest exit to their car or pickup spot. There will be no loitering after school and we ask our students to continue safe practices connected to prevention of the spread.


FOR REMOTE LEARNERS: - All learning days are virtual and off-site

We want all EHS Remote Learner students to continue to feel a part of EHS even as a completely virtual student. To accomplish this we need to have them assigned to a specific cohort day which will be the Group B days (The last two days of the school week).

    • This will allow students to be able to collaborate with hybrid students in each of their class periods, and feel a part of the class rather than just being isolated by themselves.
  • Remote students will be required to complete school work for each class period of the day during remote learning. We expect them to use Google Classroom and complete assigned work provided by each of their course instructors.  
  • The teacher may have the remote students join live via zoom, while group B is in-person, or Remote learners will be watching pre-recorded lessons on the days that group B is in-person
  • Remote students will still have access to ask questions and receive one and one support from their teachers.  This could occur during Group B’s in-person days, via email, zooming during their teacher’s plan, or when scheduled on Wednesday when all students are off-site completing virtual learning activity.
  • Attendance for fully Remote Learners which is provided in more detail to follow:


  • Remote students have had their families choose this option so the parents of remote learners are responsible for verifying their remote learner’s daily school attendance.
  • Remote students are ONLY required to check in with one staff member once a day.
    • This is because the parent and student will be completing a verification form for school attendance that is due to the EHS office weekly. This is a spreadsheet that documents required school hours are being completed each day. 
      • This spreadsheet form will be provided (made available) by EHS staff.
      • Parents can submit documentation via fax, email, or physically dropped off.
  • The daily school contact by a staff member will occur during the students' Cardinal Time advisory period, or when another building staff member schedules a designated time to make contact.
      • All remote students are expected to join/participate in the daily contact.
      • This will be a time to check in with students, check grades, build relationships, offer help on assignments, or see if the remote student needs additional support or assistance.
      • Teachers will also be working with students on skills like how to send a proper email, how to ask for help, how to utilize the tools available, and what information they need for assigned school work and learning tasks.

We are committed to our plan but we also understand the need for flexibility in our approach.  We know that some of you may struggle with our process and with trying to figure it all out but we want you all to know we will work it all out. Some will wonder how this situation can be made to work, but I ask that we do our best to make it happen.  I don’t have all the answers for you today, but we are moving forward.  That is the Eudora way and as a proud district member, I am pleased to be working with all of you.  

Thank you,

Ron Abel, EHS Principal