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New EMS Arrival & Dismissal Procedures

We are excited to announce new changes to our arrival and dismissal procedures at Eudora Middle School for this school year.  Student safety is our top priority. We have listened to our families and have been working with staff, administration, and our local police department to refine and simplify our dismissal processes across the district while maintaining our priority of student safety.  One of the big changes is the opening of the South Exit for a right turn only.  For the end of the day it will only be open once the shuttle busses have exited the parking lot.   Below are step by step procedures for drop off and pick up for this school year.  I have also added links to a video and picture that we created that walks you through on how to properly use our parking lot for arrival and dismissal.

For Arrival & Drop Off:

  • Please DO NOT drop your student any earlier than 7:30 am as supervision is not available before then.  They will need to stay past the bus drive until 7:30.  
  • At 7:30 the doors will open and students will be able to report to the gym or cafeteria for breakfast.  
  • At 7:40 students will be able to ask permission to go see a teacher if they are available to receive any extra help or they will stay in the gym until school starts.
  • School Starts at 8:08 and students will be sent to class a few minutes after 8:00.  They will go and pick up their Chromebook from their Cardinals SOAR teacher (home room teacher).

For Dismissal & Pick Up: 

  • For pick up please follow the signs for the pickup lane.  There is a sign towards the end of the pickup line that we would like parents to go when they are picking up.  It helps with the congestion towards the back.
  • Bus Riders will be dismissed a few minutes before 3:25.
  • Car Riders, walkers, and any students staying after school will be dismissed a few minutes after 3:25.
  • Car Riders and walkers will not be able to cross the bus lane until the busses have exited the parking lot which should be a few minutes after 3:25.  
  • When exiting the parking lot, families that are going south may use the south exit to make a right turn only, only once the busses have exited.  The left turn only is only for busses. Parents going north will use the north exit. 



Again, as with any change to a procedure, it will take time to become efficient. Building administration and our local police department will be present as they are able, to help this adjustment transition smoothly. Thank you not only for your feedback leading to these adjustments but also your help as we implement these changes.

Thank you,

Jeremy Thomas, EMS Principal